Huw Evans
October 7, 2008
Contributers: Huw Evans

Step By Step

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For the 4th annual Joe's Garage/Modified Mustangs & Fords cruise, in support of Toronto Sick Kids Hospital, we'll be doing things a little differently than in years past, by extending the cruise. We'll be starting out at DaSilva Racing, 960 Brock Road, Pickering, Ontario at 8.00 am on Sunday, October 12, 2008.

Once everybody has gathered at the meeting point, we will cruise along to Wilson Park in Lindsay, Ontario close by Polito Ford-Lincoln. After a brief stop, the cruise will continue up to beautiful Muskoka, the heart of Ontario's cottage country, stopping in Huntsville before making the return leg back to Toronto. The total drive will be long from start to finish, but there are a number of Sunoco stations serving Ultra 94 fuel on the way up and back. A map will be provided and the locations of these gas stations will be shown on the map with distances to them from the start. The route that has been chosen for this year's cruise is highly scenic, with large swooping corners and areas that have lakes on either side of the road. We also realize that some of you may be pressed for time and if you aren't able to complete the w hole cruise, there are a number of locations where you can exit the cruise earlier and head home. Last year's cruise drew over 100 cars, and we hope this one will be even bigger and brighter. See you at Da Silva's 8.00 am, Sunday October 12 don't miss it.

The Route
Joe Da Silva and Darcy Shepard have put a lot of time and effort into this year's cruise. Below Darcy, explains the itinerary:

Stage 1:
Da Silva Racing to Wilson Field Lindsay, Colborne Road (Just off Hwy 35 North Near Polito Ford.
Directions (see map Stage 1)
When you arrive at Wilson Park there will be a quick 1/2 hour stop to gather everyone And Some refreshments
Distance: 90 km
Estimated time of travel: 1 hour 10 mins
See Joe for Map

Stage 2:
Leave from Wilson Park, Lindsay. Drive up Hwy 35 North towards Huntsville, then to Gravenhurst through Orillia, Barrie and back home to Highway 401. Total round trip is 390km (244 miles).

The first Sunoco gas station is in Huntsville, 160 km (100 miles) from Lindsay or 250 km (156 miles) from Da Silva Racing. There will be a one-hour stop in Minden where there is a Tim Horton's coffee shop.
When you arrive in Minden parking is limited in the Tim's parking lot, so park in Mark's Restaurant across the street and the Old Owl Restaurant beside the Tim Horton's.
We will leave Minden @ 1:30 pm Sharp.

We will then arrive in Huntsville. The location you'll be looking for is the Smart Center. This location is easy to find as it is right off HWY 60. This location has many restaurants and lots of parking. We will be arriving @ approximately 2:30 pm and staying for 2 hours to eat and socialize, so enjoy!!!!

PLEASE remember to watch your speed as this Hwy is OPP Police patrolled. Also please leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you as they may have better BRAKES than you!!!

You are also traveling through heavily forested country and there will be Deer and Moose so be on the look out for them.

Sunoco Gas Bar Locations All Have Ultra 94 Octane!!:
Sunoco gas bars located in Pickering (1)

Hunstville (2)
59 King William Street 705-789-7561
172 Main Street West 705789-5966

Bracebridge (1)
295 Wellington Street 705-645-7236

Gravenhurst (2)
Hwy 11 south 705-687-1281
1200 Muskoka road South 705-687-6462

Orillia (3)
176 Memorial Ave
461 Laclie Street 1-705-329-2249

Barrie (5)341 Bayfield Street just off Hwy 400 South
448 Dunlop Street West 705-728-8569

There are also a number of gas bars on the way that carry a min of 91 octane including one Sunoco that is 20 KM 12.5 miles) off Hwy 35 down Highway 117 west from Dorset in Baysville 705-767-2498 it Has 94 OCTANE!!!

Early Cruise Exits
Exit #1 Town of Coboconk
if you choose this exit, you are looking for exit Hwy 48 WEST which will you will follow for 30 Km and then turn left onto HWY 12 SOUTH for 30 km (18.8 miles), follow Hwy 12 south back to the 401 (Whitby)
Round trip Approx 125 km (78.2 miles) from Wilson Field back to Toronto

Exit #2 Town Of Carnarvon
If you choose to exit here, the exit you are looking for is Hwy 118 WEST which will you will follow for 40 Km (25 miles) and then take Hwy 11 SOUTH to Hwy 400 south back to the 401 (Toronto)
Round trip - approximately 250 km from Wilson Field back to Toronto

Exit #3 Town Of Dorset HWY 117 West
If you choose to exit her the exit you are looking for is Hwy 117 WEST which will you will follow for 50 KM and then take HWY 11 SOUTH to hwy 400 south back to the 401 (Toronto)
This route has a small Town in it which has a Sunoco Gas Station that carries ULTRA 94!!
Round trip Approx 300 km from Wilson Field back to Toronto