Ford Motor Company
October 6, 2008
Photos By: Courtesy Ford

The top GS and Street Tuner drivers, teams and manufacturers will be honored in Monday's season-ending banquet in the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons in Greensboro, N.C.

Hugh Plumb (No. 60 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang GT)
"This is an amazing day for the Sunset Hills Vineyard car, we've had a run of bad luck this season but we finally did it and got the win today. I thought that there was going to be a huge pile up with how slippery the track was on the last two laps. I had a really big battle with Dean [Martin] going, and it was great to come out of that on top and have Rehagen Racing finish 1-2. After I got hit on the first lap I had to take an extra pit stop to fix the damage and then I just had to put my head down, be consistent, and catch the field. But the car was great, and we just kept moving forward all day. This is a great result, and I'm happy to be able to share it with Mike and Matt."

Matt Plumb (No. 60 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang GT)
"I'm just happy the team waited until I got involved to win a race! A big thanks to [crew chief] Quinn Conda and to everyone at Rehagen Racing. The car was great today. Even though I was up front, I just tried to save the brakes as much as possible, and Hugh did the rest of the work to get back to the front and stay there to the finish. It was a nail biter to have the green-white-checker like that to finish the race, a lot more exciting than I was hoping for. But Hugh just stayed cool and did a great job."

Mike Canney (No. 60 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang GT)
"This is my first win in this series, so it's really exciting, especially to do it like we did today. Our crew chief Quinn Conda had a great set-up on the Mustang and the car handled really well during my stint. I'm happy to get a 1-2 finish for Rehagen Racing. It's an exciting way to finish this season off and it's also a great way to get things going for next year. I've learned a lot this year, so I'm thrilled to end the season on a high note like this!"

Dean Martin (No. 59 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang GT)
"We were racing hard, and I knew Hugh was light on brakes. I had brakes, but I was being a little conservative, and Hugh came in just a little bit deep. I knew he was going too light on brakes at the end, and I knew that when he hit me. I got crossed up and he got by me. At that point, I was thinking, 'don't let Andy by, he left me in the clutches of Andy Lally, I've got to get out of here.' I had some opportunities to get back around Hugh, but they were all going to be risky. The last thing I wanted to do was take my teammate out. We had a good finish, 1-2; I was more focused on getting away from Andy and bringing it home 1-2. Having a Rehagen car win was a team win. It was unfortunate that we got hit and turned sideways, because we might have won it. But Hugh was certainly fast, and that's the way it worked out. I'm not too upset about it, just disappointed. Jack and Ryan Phinny did an awesome job all day, we all took turns at the front of the field."

Jack Roush Jr. (No. 59 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang GT)
"I was very happy with the way the year went. We had some unfortunate problems early in the year that hurt our championship run, but we had a lot of good finishes. This is a nice way to finish, with our best finish of the season. The car felt very strong out there. At one point, it felt like I was taking positions at will. It got a little harder at the end, when the tires went away, but the No. 59 Roush/Valvoline Mustang was awesome all day."

Scott Maxwell (No. 55 Hyper Sport Ford Mustang GT)
"We were trying to save fuel near the end. We were two laps short on fuel with a half an hour to go, so I was a little concerned. I started short shifting. I knew the point scenario, so I started fading back to try to save enough fuel. The last caution was a Godsend. If we had to pit, I knew the championship was over. We needed to make up two laps of fuel, because we were two laps short. We had a great car the first two hours, then Joe got hit and got spun, and the front end got bent a half-hour into his stint. It was tracking sideways, so it was a bit of a handful the last four hours. It definitely wasn't as easy as it might have looked. For the first two hours, the car was great and I thought not only could we win the championship, we could win the race. At the end, it was just survival."

Joe Foster (No. 55 Hyper Sport Ford Mustang GT)
"Obviously, it was a crazy race with a lot of excitement on the track. It was a good car in the beginning. Unfortunately, we had contact with a car that was not involved in the championship about the middle of the race, and that definitely affected the handling of the front end of the car. The steering wheel was pointed at nine o'clock instead of 12 o'clock. I can't thank Scott enough for driving the wheels off at the end to stay ahead. We had to play a conservation game at that point, because the car was not going to go to the front as it had early in the race, so we did the lap times we needed to get it to the end. Winning the championship was an amazing thing. It's something Hyper Sport hasn't done before, and team owner Patrick Dempsey and Rick Skelton, the partners in the team (haven't either). I know Patrick, on the set of Grey's Anatomy, was watching online all day. Personally, it's the culmination of a lot of hard work by about 100 people sharing in this."

James Gue (No. 37 JBS Motorsports Ford Mustang GT)
"We thought we had it there, but everything that could have gone wrong went wrong today. Right when we thought we had a chance to run them down, we lost a cylinder near the end. Very disappointing, actually."

Bret Seafuse (No. 37 JBS Motorsports Ford Mustang GT)
"Good race for us. Second place (in the championship), we can't complain about that. But it was a rough weekend. Anything that could go wrong pretty much has. But we battled back and it came down to the end. We were running on seven cylinders, we'd been hit, and we had a rough race. We battled through it, and I can't complain about second. Too bad we lost a cylinder with 30 minutes left, we were running well. James was doing a real good job in his last stint, and we were actually quite a bit faster than a bunch of cars. I think potentially we could have gotten the 55, but congratulations to them, they did a good job."