Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2008

Step By Step

Mdmp_0810_01_z Classic_mustangs Front_view
Lined up across the Road Atlanta pit area were rows upon rows of performance, muscle, and classic cars from the Big Three. Every year, we see the Ford contingent grow at the YearOne Experience.
Mdmp_0810_02_z 1962_galaxie_500_xl Front_view
Charles Huffman of Hildebran, North Carolina, cruised into the YearOne show with the soft rumble of his 390-powered '62 Galaxie 500 XL. The big beast features an updated A/C system, power disc brakes, auto trans, a slick set of wheels and rubber, and a nice stance to top it all off.
Mdmp_0810_03_z 1995_thunderbird_super_coupe Front_view
This '95 Thunderbird Super Coupe was an impressive sight for the Ford fans at the show. Owned by Bill Clifton of Birmingham, Alabama, the boosted 'Bird was spotless and it was easy to see Bill had put a lot of hard work into the 3.8L Eaton supercharged drivetrain. The chrome Cobra R-style wheels certainly highlighted the factory paint as well.

'08 Year One Experience
It's really interesting to sit back and watch people at a multi-make event like the annual YearOne Experience. It's easy to have blinders on when you hit all the typical Ford shows and you see row upon row of S197 Mustangs and maybe a couple of classic Fords intermixed in the crowd.

The same goes for the other guys, too. Would you believe that the largest contingent of cars at the Chryslers at Carlisle event is often the humble PT Cruiser? Or that of the all-Corvette shows, the C5 and C6 Vettes blow all the other models away in attendance? But bring a little bit of everything together under one event banner, and you see the true car guys-and gals-come out of their shells.

YearOne's annual event at Road Atlanta and nearby Atlanta Dragway allows those of us who appreciate any four-wheeled wonder to take in cars we don't normally see when staying within our own comfort zones of the local club scene or national event series. I'm not saying we should all go out and buy '69 Camaros or '71 Challengers, but when you have the chance to take in a really well-built car, no matter the nameplate on it, you should do so. You might even pick up an idea or two since wheels, gauges, paint schemes, and so on aren't car specific, for the most part.

This year, with the merger of the magazine fresh on our minds (and new magazine shirts fresh on our backs) the wife and I headed up to Georgia to take in the YearOne Experience once again and enjoy its family oriented event. We came back with a couple of cool car features for future issues and the photos you see here. Be sure to stop by our Web site at to see more images from the event weekend and check out for its coverage as well as information on the '09 YearOne Experience, when it becomes available.

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