Huw Evans
October 1, 2006
Photos By: Francis Butler

Norwalk is traditionally one of the biggest gatherings for True Street cars and 100 of them showed up this year. You'll see a bit more about these cars in an upcoming feature in MM, regarding the Quick-8 shootout that took place on Saturday, but the fastest overall, much to your Editor's delight was set by a 1986 Mustang GT, and one built in the home garage at that. Bill Klein completed the tough 30-mile cruise, came back and drove three consistent eight-second passes, giving him an average of 8.804 and the fastest overall time. Greg Lapoint was next, garnering the runner up spot with an impressive 8.974. Marty Meillet was the Top 9-second driver, Matt Parker the quickest overall in the 10s, with Mike Biggs and Vince Lemmon the fastest 11- and 12-second drivers respectively.

The UPR car show was very impressive at Norwalk and members of the Greater Toronto Area Mustang club came down in droves, bringing some very nice cars with them. Norwalk was a great event this year, with some very close racing and interesting antics, both on and off the track. It's always a hit with participants and spectators alike. As we went to press, the FFW party was getting set to head to Tennessee to take residence at the infamous Bristol Speedway. Let's hope the weather held!

FFW Official Results
Probe Pro
Winner: David Schorr 6.772 @ 209.33

Procharger Super Street Outlaw
Winner: Dan Millen 6.989 @ 207.15

BF Goodrich Drag Radial
Winner: Chris Little 7.76 @ 183.29

Precision Turbo Street Renegade
Winner: Gina Wilson 8.712 @ 151.26

CFE Street Bandit
Winner: Matt Jones 8.823 @ 153.23

Borla Street Warrior
Winner: John Scaro 9.639 @ 139.26

Superchips Street Stang
Winner: Mark Anderson 12.689 @ 96.42

SHM Mod Comp
Winner: Paul Svinicki 10.305 @ 109.18

JDM Tough Truck
Winner: Don Justus 10.771 @ 122.34

Bama Chips Four-Six Frenzy
Winner: Josh Wells 16.236 @ 82.50

Ford Racing/Rpm Outlet Ultra Stang
Winner: Jim D'Amore 11.004 @ 119.61

Fast Ford
Winner: John Gregory (Saturday) 10.579 @ 124.80
Winner: Chris Garceau (Sunday) 8.025 @ 166.79

Quick Ford
Winner: Brian Kuta (Saturday) 10.741 @ 123.49
Winner: Andy Horne (Sunday) 8.668 @ 156.05

Street Ford
Winner: AJ Buchanan (Saturday) 15.124 @ 83.57
Winner: Carolyn Adams (Sunday) 14.128 @ 88.21

True Street
Winner: Bill Klein 8.804 (avg)

UPR Car Show
People's Choice
Jeff Langdon, 1992 Mustang LX

Track Choice
Scott and Angela Winger, 2001 Mustang Cobra

UPR Choice
Brian Bush, 1997 Mustang

Riley's Nostalgia
David and Mark Robinson, 1963 Galaxie

Manufacturer's Choice
Charlie and Monica Grandll, 1995 Mustang GT

Promoter's Choice
Shawn Bigwin, 1989 Mustang