Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
May 3, 2013


A standout part at the show was this complete cooling solution for ’11-’13 Mustang GTs and Bosses—the Boss 302R-Hx from Fluidyne ( After a driving school kept putting its Boss 302s into limp-home mode, it contacted Fluidyne for a cooling solution—this product is the result. It combines a high-efficiency, triple-core radiator with a hearty air-to-oil cooler to keep all the fluid temps in line.

Ford Racing Performance Parts

Ford Racing Performance Parts We previewed Ford Racing’s new Cobra Jet intake manifold and crate engine at the SEMA show, but there were plenty of new FRPP ( parts that we didn’t get to in Vegas. Namely, a TVS tuner kit for Shelby GT500s, a ’13 GT500-spec intercooler core, a Laguna Seca-style rear-seat-delete with X-brace for ’11-’13 ’Stangs, and a ’13 GT500-style cooling fan for all ’11-’13 Mustangs. (PVT needs one of these.)

Innovators West

To give your modular engine increased accessory-drive belt grip, Innovators West ( has a new kit complete with one of its SFI-spec crank dampers. You can opt for a standard-diameter damper or the popular 10-percent overdriven units.

Jet Hot

We’ve long known about Jet Hot’s ( silver high-temp coatings for exhausts and other engine parts, but the company’s new line of premium colors looks like the way to take your project to the next level.

Kooks Headers

Installing aftermarket high-flow cats has long been a gray area for residents of strict-emissions statesKooks Headers ( tirelessly combed the aftermarket to find a high-flow cat that would pass emissions in all 50 states. Kudos to them, and good news if you live in one of those areas, as you can now run Kooks Green cats.

Manley Performance

For those pushing the envelope of modular engines, Manley ( showed off its Platinum Series pistons. Here are the 4.6 and 5.4 slugs, but Manley also offers these beauties for Coyotes and Raptor 6.2-liters. These pistons are made from a high-strength, lightweight 2618 alloy, and feature an offset wristpin for quiet operation.

McLeod Racing

McLeod Racing In Vegas we were smitten with McLeod Racing’s ( easier to install RXT twin-disc clutches for the latest GT500s. Well, the company offers RXTs and the streetier RSTs for most Fords, including the latest Coyote-powered ’Stangs.

Moroso/Weld Racing

Senior Tech Editor KJ Jones was born excited about cars, and it showed when he saw Weld Racing’s ( black Alumastar 2.0s wearing Moroso’s ( new 17-inch DS-2 skinnies. The Alumastars are lightweight lookers for the ’strip, and the second-generation Drag Special tires are lightweight and feature a high crown for decreased rolling resistance.

Moser Engineering

Known for its stout 9-inch rearends, Moser Engineering ( showed off a floating brake hub for Wilwood brakes. These setups completely divorce the braking system from the axles for maximum durability. The company also offered a complete rear suspension, including upper and lower control arms and an antiroll bar.

Nitrous Express

Even if you own a 662hp GT500, couldn’t you use just a little bit more horsepower? If so, Nitrous Express ( stepped up with a plate kit for ’07-’13 GT500s. This bolt-on kit is ready to add 50 to 350 hp to your Shelby’s already formidable output.

Optima Batteries

In the blur of the SEMA lights we had assumed Optima’s ( new Digital 400 charger was mainly geared for the Powersports market. While it is comfortable there, it is a fully capable automotive battery charger, just like its larger, quicker-charging cousin.