Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
January 1, 2013

The NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing is a special event. Not only are racers from both the NMRA and the NMCA on the same property, they also face off against each other. So once each respective winner from each NMRA and NMCA class has been crowned, racers from the two different sanctioning bodies square off to see who gets a Nitto Tire Diamond Tree ring. You see, instead of winning as an individual, the Super Bowl is a team sport, meaning members of the winning team receive the Nitto rings whether they won their individual match-up or not.

After the NMRA and NMCA battles, it was time to match up the Super Bowl face-offs. The NMRA has dominated the Super Bowl leading up to this year, and it looked like more of the same with the first couple match-ups. However, the NMCA rallied, reeling off a few wins to take the lead. It came down to a pairing of Mustang legends, with Mike Murillo, the last surviving Mustang in Pro Outlaw 10.5, against Don Walsh Jr., the NMCA Pro Street winner. We'll let the captions tell the rest of the tale.

Horse Sense: The NMRA owns the overall Super Bowl wins record with five victories over its NMCA counterparts.

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