Michael Johnson Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
April 10, 2012
Photos By: Steve Turner

Terry Reeves
2011 Mustang GT

Leading up to every KOTS, we invariably have at least one or two competitors drop out for various reasons. However, we usually have alternates in mind when that happens. This year we had an alternate, but at the last minute, he wasn't able to make it either. Thankfully, Terry 'Beefcake' Reeves came through at the last bell.

Beefcake's '11 Mustang GT featured a Vortech supercharger. Plus, his GT is a proven car. I knew the car would rep well, so he was in. We've even worked with him on tech installs with his GT. We covered the install of the RGR/JPC Racing CNC Stage 1 cylinder heads and cams on his car in last month's issue.

The car looked really good and photographed well. Then it was my turn behind the wheel. Once in the car we found the stock seatbelts were long gone, replaced by harnesses. Not really daily driver friendly, but they're necessary for his racing.

The car's K&M Welding six-point rollcage did feature swing-out doorbars, and the A/C worked, but was as if the internal doors were non-operational because the air wouldn't come out of all the dash vents. The car's base-model seats remain, as does the stock stereo, but it does feature Ford's Sync system.

His GT features a nice gauge layout, using a Speed of Sound A-pillar pod setup for a couple of the Auto Meter Phantom gauges. The Speed of Sound A-pillar pod made up for the Celine Dion mix.

Speaking of the Ride & Drive, the exit road out of Beech Bend Park has several curves, and it's where I test the handling of the cars. Beefcake's drag-oriented suspension didn't handle that part of the Ride & Drive well.

Beefcake's GT also suffered from a low-speed surge/sluggish throttle.

With Beefcake's centrifugally supercharged GT, power delivery was linear. Plus, the car's drag suspension helped it accelerate in an efficient manner. With Strange Engineering double-adjustable struts and shocks, Cobra Jet rear springs, and a Team Z antiroll bar and upper and lower control arms, the Mickey Thompson ET Street radials got the car down the road in a ferocious manner.

Beefcake's GT was doing rather well until the Horsepower segment at Holley. During the first pass on the Dynojet, the rear brakes almost caught on fire and an intake tube came dislodged from its pipe. The tube was easy enough to fix, but the brakes...well, Beefcake told us he just had new discs installed so that seemed like the culprit. On the second dyno pull, the rear brakes caused small fires on both sides, which were easily put out.

We wish Beefcake had done better in the Horsepower category, but the computer was flipping out, with the rear wheels spinning while the fronts were at a stop. Beefcake was advised to leave the traction control on, but that would come back to haunt his Horsepower finish.

KOTS Score
Horsepower:2 (633 hp)
Ride & Drive:7
Fit & Finish:5
Drag Race:9 (10.08 e.t.)
Popular Vote:10
Final Score:58

5.0 Tech Specs

2011 Mustang GT

Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock Coyote aluminum
Crankshaft Stock
Rods Manley
Diamond Racing w/Total Seal rings Camshafts
Cylinder heads RGR/JPC Racing Stage 1 CNC-ported w/Livernois Motorsports valvesprings
Intake manifold Stock
Power Adder Vortech JT-Trim supercharger w/2.95-in pulley, 16 pounds of boost, and Vortech air-to-air intercooler
Fuel system Triple Walbro fuel pumps w/Earl's Pro Lite fuel lines, Metco fuel rails, FRPP 60-lb/hr injectors, and Fore Innovations fuel pressure regulator
Exhaust Stainless Works 1-3/4-in long-tube headers w/X-shape crossover pipe, and retro axle-back
Transmission Stock 6R80 six-speed automatic w/Exedy Racing high energy auto clutch packs, and Circle D 3,200-rpm stall converter
Rearend 8.8-in w/Eaton Detroit Truetrac differential, FRPP 3.55 gears, and Strange Engineering 31-spline axles

Engine management Stock w/SCT XCal 3 tune by Jon Lund
Ignition Stock w/NGK spark plugs
Gauges Stock w/Auto Meter Phantom oil, boost, fuel pressure; Dynojet wideband; and Speed of Sound A-pillar pod