Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 27, 2012

Turn Key Engine Supply
If you a need a one-stop solution for A/C and power steering brackets for your Coyote swap, Turn Key Engine Supply ( is your stop. They have complete engine-swap solutions for Coyotes, including bracket systems for the street accessories. The company is also working on a bracket system compatible with the popular supercharger drive systems.

Apparently the '12-and-up Boss 302 has some special clutch needs, and SPEC ( is on the case to provide a Boss-specific clutch for Ford's high-winder. The company also has clutches for the base 3.7 V-6 and the Coyote 5.0

TMI Products
The crew at TMI Products ( have the Fox and S197 Mustang covered with a variety of products, but it's great to see the company moving into the middle with these '99-'04 GT seats. The SN-95 and New Edge 'Stangs certainly deserve the love from TMI.

Mustang suspension gear is nothing new for Whiteline (, but what is new is the company's new Watt's link for the '05-and-up Mustangs. This setup is designed to improve lateral axle control even more than the company's Panhard upgrades.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation
Often adding drag wheels means that stopping power has to take a back seat. Not so with SSBC's ( Competition Series calipers. They are designed specifically with late-model Mustangs in mind and offer an easy installation with a wide variety of wheel fitments.

Trick Flow
It was a busy year for the Trick Flow gang ( In 2010, they hit us with some cool Cleveland gear; in 2011, there's more for the Windsor and the Two-Valve. For the 302/351 crowd, the company offers its affordable, new Twisted Wedge 170, which is an all-new TW casting that gets the CNC treatment for out-of-the-box flow. For more serious endeavours there's a new 185cc-runner Track Heat head as well. On the Two-Valve side, the new Street Burner Two-Valve intake improves bottom-end performance without giving up performance up top.

Now the official brake supplier for Shelby, Wilwood ( obviously has the '05 to present Mustang covered with big brake kits. The company also has a new big brake kit for '87-'93 Mustangs.

Strange Engineering
Showing off a new line of 9-inch rearend hardware designed to support big power in a streetable package was Strange Engineering ( The company's new HD Aluminum Case for 9-inch rears is designed for the street/strip and Pro Touring crowds. Likewise, Strange's new limited-slip differentials will support big power in a streetable way.

Previously on these pages we have installed Zex ( nitrous kits on Coyote 'Stangs, and these cars love the juice. For those that are on the cutting edge, Zex now has a Blackout kit for the '12 Mustang GT, which will give your new pony a boost of 75 to 175 hp.