Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 27, 2012

The 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association show took place just before Ford introduced the spiffy, new '13 Mustang refresh, so we didn't expect to see an overwhelming product assault on the current Mustangs. However, having attended the show for the last 17 years, we know that even when the Mustang isn't at its peak or the economy isn't humming along like a tuned Coyote, there are always new Mustang parts to be seen in Las Vegas in early November. Such was the case again in 2011.

While the Mustang's arch-nemesis was attracting all the attention with a bunch of show cars, the Mustang was doing work on the show floor where it counts. Company after company offered up new gear for Mustangs of all makes and models. With the Coyote 5.0s still fresh, there were plenty of new parts still flowing for those cars.

In all, the future looks bright for our favorite car, and the freshened '13 Mustangs are sure to star at next year's show. Till then, check out our photos to see all the new gear heading for your garage in 2012.

Horse Sense: Mustang was not crowned SEMA's Hottest Car, but it wasn't for a lack of cars or parts at the show.

Since Aeromotive showed of this system for a Brand X car, we've been anticipating an application to fit the S197-and-newer Mustangs. That day has arrived, as Aeromotive ( ) showed off its '05-'10 Mustang Stealth Fuel System in Vegas. This drop-in system is an all-in-one answer for mega-powered Mustangs. What was even more exciting is that the company is also going to adapt this system to a Terminator-style tank for pre-'05 Mustang applications.

Showing off its new Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080, 3M ( ) tugged at our heartstrings by displaying the flexibility of these wraps on a Shelby GT500 Super Snake. Each day of the SEMA show, they wrapped the Super Snake with a different design using the 1080 films, which are available in high gloss, carbon fiber, matte, and brushed metal finishes. These easy to install films offer infinite possibilities for customizing your Mustang.

We know all about Afco for its sweet heat exchangers, and Dynatech for its top-notch exhaust systems, but Afco ( ) also produces quality suspension gear. Its latest product is the 2011 Mustang Front Suspension Package, which features coil-over struts and caster/camber plates designed specifically for the latest 'Stang.

American Racing Headers
We know all about American Racing Headers' ( ) pipes for the likes of Coyote 5.0s and GT500 5.4s, but the company has obviously seen the potential that we see in the 3.7-liter V6. ARH displayed this exhaust system for the six, which features 13⁄4-inch long-tube headers and a 21⁄2-inch catalytic X-shape crossover.

Of course we know that BorgWarner Turbo Systems ( ) makes turbos, but the crew also knows how to get our attention. They just had to park Greg Seth Hunter's twin-turbocharged MMR GT500 in their booth. The car features a 5.4 fed by twin 91mm Airwerks turbos. Race cars obviously attract attention, but BW offers turbos sized for street Mustangs as well.

After seeing it at the past few SEMA shows in proto-type form, the InTune from DiabloSport ( ) should be shipping by the time you read this. This compact, smartphone-style tuner can tune a laundry list of vehicles under one part number. At press time, the InTune did not support tuning Fords, but that functionality should be coming soon.

Ansen Valve Covers
Mustang owners love to customize their rides, and the engine compartment is one area that is worthy of spiffing up. If you are lucky enough to own an '11-'12 Mustang GT or Boss 302, Ansen Valve Covers ( has some sweet, new die-cast coil covers in Chrome, Black, or Blue. They are also available adorned with the Ford Racing logo.

Canton Racing Products
If you are building up your Coyote engine and need more oil pan, Canton ( ) has an upgrade in its lineup. The company also has a new aluminum intercooler fluid tank for Kenne Bell ( supercharger applications.

Doug Thorley Headers
If you like the Tri-Y design of the factory manifolds, but would like something a little longer, then Doug Thorley ( is singing your tune. The company's Worx Series Headers offer the Tri-Y design and are available for '11-'12 Mustang GTs. Doug Thorley also has muffler deletes for these cars.