KJ Jones
March 23, 2011


ProCharger (913) 338-2886; www.procharger.com brings cog-drive technology into the mix for its ’11 5.0 supercharger systems. A super-fat 50mm, dedicated cog-drive belt is the star of this race-specific setup, which also includes a billet aluminum bracket that accepts the entire F-1 Series of ProCharger blowers, a billet tensioner pulley, a cog for the crank, and an air-to-air intecooler that together can produce as much as 1,300 hp.

Strange Engineering

It took a little while, but the S197 Mustang is really starting to show up at the dragstrip. Helping the cause, Strange Engineering (847) 663-1701; www.strangeengineering.net has these new single-adjustable struts and shocks for S197s. These dampers are easily adjusted thanks to external rebound adjustment knobs, and they’re designed to be an easy bolt-in swap.

Total Engine Airflow

That didn’t take too long. Total Engine Airflow (330) 634-2155; www.totalengineairflow.com already has a CNC program for the new Coyote 5.0 engine. TEA studied the heads, and where they could be improved; then the company designed a CNC program to get the most flow possible.


At the close of PRI, we always ask each other, What do you think was the hottest part at the show this year? Well, while there definitely was a ton of hotness in nearly every aisle, Wiseco’s (800) 321-1364; www.wiseco.com new ’11 Coyote-5.0 stroker short-block is the piece that won over your tech editor hands down. The block features 95mm ERL sleeves and a billet Wiseco/K1 Technologies stroker kit (crankshaft and H-beam rods), which increases displacement to 5.8 liters! Move over, Cleveland, Midland, and Windsorthis ’11 Coyote just might prove itself to be the baddest 351 of them all. 5.0