KJ Jones
March 23, 2011

Hughes Performance

With all the focus on the ’11 Mustang GT, the ’10 Mustangs need help keeping up. Hughes Performance (602) 257-9591; www.hughesperformance.com is here to help owners of ’10 Mustang GTs with its new converter. It’s a bolt-in, 10-inch billet unit with a custom cut stator; a billet, one-piece lock-up piston; a hardened hub and splines; and a three-piece Torrington roller bearing.

Innovate Motorsports

It seems all we hear nowadays is how much people want a new iPhone. Whereas many people just want a cell phone to reliably make and receive phone calls, others are a little more demanding of their cellular devices. What if you could monitor vital engine functions using your iPhone? Innovate Motorsports (800) 348-3037; www.innovatemotorsports.com new OT-2 iPhone app enables you to monitor your OBD-II Mustang’s functions, and it serves as an efficiency meter, datalogger, and scan tool. The OT-2 connects your iPhone to your Mustang’s OBD-II port to do all these things, making your iPhone an important tool, as well.

Innovators West

Each year at PRI, Innovator’s West (785) 825-6166; www.innovatorswest.com seems to always unveil new overdrive dampers for the latest Mustang engines. This ’11 5.0 balancer actually is a standard-diameter prototype piece. However, we’re told that larger overdrive units for supercharged Coyote ’Stangs will also be available by the time you read this.

Justin’s Performance Center

We enjoyed seeing Justin Burcham and the gang from Justin’s Performance Center (866) JPC-RACE; www.jpcracing.com all set up in a booth at this year’s show. While several new JPC-original pieces were on display (4.6-liter Three-Valve cast-aluminum intake manifold, ’05-’11 Mustang adjustable upper control arm, and ’10-’11 line-lock), the company’s sweet lineup of CNC-ported ’11 5.0 4V cylinder heads; custom-grind camshafts; and stainless-steel, long-tube headers and exhaust, were definitely to the front!

Kenny’s Components

Located in the heart of NASCAR country in Moorseville, North Carolina, Kenny’s Components (704) 662-0777; www.kennyscomponents.com has these carbon-fiber valve covers for small-block Ford engines. Kenny’s specialty is carbon fiber, and the company can make a variety of components in carbon to withstand the rigors of everyday abuse. Editor Turner would love Kenny’s to make Shelby GT500 cam covers in carbon fiber!

Mickey Thompson

Feast your eyes on this 20-inch drag radial from Mickey Thompson (330) 928-9092; www.mickeythompsontires.com. That’s right, this one’s a dub, and M/T also offers the sticky street radialsformally referred to as ET Street Radial IIin 18- and 19-inch diameters for S197s, ’11s, and other Mustangs with big rear wheels.

Moser Engineering

A couple years ago at the PRI show, we saw Moser’s (260)726-6689; www.moserengineering.com Wavetrac differential for the 9-inch rear. This time around, the company had the 8.8 Wavetrac 31-spline differential at the show. The Wavetrac differential is designed to improve grip in low-traction conditions; it shines on the road course, dragstrip, and street. The Wavetrac is designed to keep power going through both rear drive wheels at all time.

MSD Ignition

To help get your ’11 Mustang GT off the line, check out MSD Ignition’s (915) 855-7123; www.msdignition.com new 2-Step Launch Control. Instead of randomly revving your Coyote to who-knows-where, the 2-Step allows you to select the rpm you want to launch atit’s that easy. Doing so will allow you to focus more on your reaction time, but also provide consistent launch rpm, which will make for more consistent launches as well. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to figure out your car’s most optimum launch rpm for consistent 60-foot times.


All of us know the enemy of speed is too much weight, especially at the dragstrip. To keep your drag ’Stang from being on The Biggest Loser, check out Powercell’s (410) 988-4500; www.powercelltech.com new compact battery. JPC Racing had this example at its booth at PRI. Designed for 16-volt conversions. Powercells are lithium batteries designed to power up your racecar without taking up too much weight, which allows you to decide where the weight will go on your Mustang.