KJ Jones
March 23, 2011

Comp Cams

With the ’11 Mustang GT Coyote engine, everyone’s trying to figure out if the engine’s maxed out from the factory. Comp Cams (800) 999-0853; www.compcams.com thinks there’s power to be made via its new billet hydraulic roller cams. These cam profiles are available for naturally aspirated and supercharged engines, optimized to give your Coyote the power where you want it and when. Plus, custom grinds are available as well. These cams feature an integrated counter balance design to cut down on vibration and reduce overall harmonics to ensure smooth operation at high rpm.

Dart Machinery

Dart Machinery (248) 362-1188; www.dartheads.com has expanded its Special High Performance lineup of small-block Ford short-blocks to include a Windsor-based 427ci. The internally balanced, 4.125-inch-bore x 4.000-inch-stroke short-block features a cast crankshaft and forged I-beam rods as standard equipment. However, when using the small-block Ford short-block builder tool on Dart’s website to order a 427, all it takes is a few mouse clicks to outfit yours with a forged 4340 crankshaft and H-beam rods.


While DiabloSport’s (877) 396-6614; www.diablosport.com Trinity is still the same externally, the handheld flash tuner has been given an internal makeover that definitely warrants a mention. The all-purpose T-1000 now supports the Copperhead ECU of ’11 Mustang GTs (as well as engine-management programming associated with 10 other ’03-’11 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury V-8 and V-6-powered vehicles) and has all-new graphics, animations, and icons for an entirely new look.

Granatelli Motorsports

Granatelli Motorsports (805) 486-6644; www.granatellimotorsports.com definitely had the bling workin’ at PRI, with sexy billet cam covers for 4.6-liter Two-Valve and 5.4-liter Four-Valve engines. At more than $2,000 per set, these babies definitely are targeted toward owners with expensive tastes.


One would think these would’ve been out a long time ago, but Fluidyne (888) 358-4396; www.fluidyne.com had these new aluminum radiators at PRI for us to check out, available for both manual- and automatic-transmission Mustangs. Fluidyne also had a new electric fan setup featuring dual fans, as well. And, of course, the company had its new Shelby GT500 radiator and various heat exchangers at the show.

Ford Racing

If there was one booth we wanted to stay in, it was definitely the Ford Racing (800) FORD-SVT; www.fordracingparts.com area. Ford Racing had several Coyote engines at PRI, and we drooled on every single one of them. Also in attendance was the new Boss 302S. No doubt you’ve seen the Boss 302S in action online, and we want four of them. Tiger Racing made the Boss 302S hood and wing, and they’ll get plenty of use and testing on Paul Brown’s racecar. Also on display were several Coyote swap parts, like an oil filter relocation kit, alternator kit, and control pack. We thought of taking a few parts with us, but we didn’t think we could make it out of the building.

Forgestar Wheels

My Forgestar (714) 826-8249; www.forgestar.com brochure was ruined when Terry Beefcake Reeves spilled my Pepsi into my PRI roll-around, but I was still able to gather enough info to let you know that these carbon-fiber wheels will work on your ’05-’11 Mustang. The wheels seen here are custom-built to order, but Forgestar also has other designs for S197 Mustangs, including a stylish race-inspired split-spoke wheel example.

G-Force Racing Transmissions

G-Force (717) 202-8367; www.gforce transmissions.com is always at the cutting edge of transmission technology, and at PRI the company had its new T3650 transmission kit. To enable its T3650 transmission to handle up to 1,000 hp, G-Force made a gear kit featuring revised gear ratios to help the transmission live. Furthermore, the transmission boasts a 0.59 overdrive Fifth gear. The transmission uses a front plate for a wide variety of applications, including early Fords, as well. This transmission is ideal for T3650-equipped ’01-’04 Mustangs, but G-Force also has a kit to install the transmission into a ’05-’10 Mustang as well. Plus, this transmission will fit in place of the ’96-’01 T45, but you’ll have to come up with a speedo provision since the T3650 is an electronic-speedo unit, and the T45 is a mechanical-speedo unit.