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April 8, 2011
Photos By: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

2010 King of the Street

Tony Alm
2008 Shelby GT500

Coming into every King of the Street, there's a clear favorite. Last year it was Tom Darnell's House of Boost-built '03 Cobra, which did, in fact, end up winning. This year it was Tony Alm's Shelby GT500 coming in as the odds-on favorite to win. It was his competition to lose. We knew the car made huge power, but would it have the rest of the goods to bring home the prize?

Since you already know Tony's Shelby GT500 is the King of the Street, you know his car didn't trip before reaching the goal line. We've known about Tony's Shelby for a couple years now. He was almost in the last year's KOTS, but suffered mechanical maladies just prior to the event, which kept him from competing.

He's been trying to perfect his Shelby's compound-boost combination. After searching for the ideal blend of brutal horsepower and everyday driveability, we think he's truly got the best of both worlds. With a Hellion Power Systems Hellraiser kit multiplying the factory Eaton supercharger, one thing was for sure--it was going to make sick power.

One of the keys to this animal's streetability is that it runs on E85. The Hellion Hellraiser kit on Tony's car featured upgraded twin Turbonetics 64mm turbochargers to reach the power level it did.

When we first saw Tony's Shelby in person, our impression was one of a nice car. It's devoid of stripes or graphics, which possibly hurt his Fit and Finish score, but thanks to a tight mechanical ship, Tony's Shelby did well in the Engineering category.

In the all-important Ride and Drive, Tony's did better than expected, and at that point we didn't know how much power it was going to put down. Even so, it did well on our test loop through Bowling Green.

When we witnessed the power it made on the dyno, the car's street manners were that much more startling. How could a car with this much power be so docile on the street? There was no doubt that Tony's Shelby was the frontrunner.

The car features a rollcage, but the swing-out door bars make entry and exit stock-like. Also, it has both the stock seatbelts and the required harnesses, as well. The car boasted ice-cold air and the stock stereo was still in place, which worked as designed. On the downside, the car did suffer from slight suspension racket and featured a spool'd 9-inch rear, which was a tad clunky at low speed, but nothing even a slight turn of the volume knob wouldn't quiet. Plus, you don't spend much time in this car ... at low speed.

As is the case with turbo cars, the exhaust on Tony's Shelby was relatively quiet, but with one click of a button, a pair of electric exhaust cutouts open to let the 5.4-liter Four-Valve wail. We rolled out with a closed exhaust and later loosed the cutouts. The first punch saw 38 total pounds of boost, and the second with the cutouts open saw 40 psi. I only know the boost level because Tony told me--I was too busy watching telephone poles fly by. The second hit brought tire spin at around 100 mph. The sheer acceleration of Tony's Shelby is ridiculous. Cars like his are why I can be bored in a 500hp car.

However, even with all that power, anyone that knows how to drive a stick car could jump into Tony's Shelby and drive it to California. In Sixth gear at 80 mph, the compound-boosted 5.4 is loafing along at 2,000. Tony's Shelby truly embodies the well-rounded personality of a KOTS winner.

So read 'em and weep--here are Tony's winning numbers. We'll start with the Ride and Drive portion, in which Tony's Shelby scored an 8. On the dyno, Tony's Shelby made 1,138 hp the first pull and 1,139 hp the second to secure a 10 in that all-important category. Tony's attention to detail paid off with a 9 in the Engineering category, but the lack of exterior excitement saddled him with a 7 in the Fit and Finish category. With a 9.704 at 153 mph, Tony secured the quickest and fastest pass of the competition, giving him a 10 in the Drag Race category. The only category Tony laid an egg in was the Popular Vote. We can only reason Tony's Shelby didn't have as much wow factor to get votes from the World Finals spectators. It's puzzling, but it is what it is, with Tony scoring dead last in that category with a 2.

Final Score: 70.9
This car is simply ridiculous, and it is the 2010 King of the Street.

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Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock
Rotating Assembly Stock crankshaft, Oliver connecting rods, CP pistons, stainless piston rings
Heads Stock w/Manley valve-springs
Camshafts Stock
Intake Stock
Mass Air Pro-Mass
Throttle Body Stock
Power Adder Hellion Power Systems Hellraiser turbo kit w/Turbonetics 64mm turbo-chargers, stock Eaton, 3.25-in blower pulley, and an Afco heat exchanger
Transmission Stock T6060 w/SPEC clutch and Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft
Rear Ford 9-inch w/Strange Engineering spool, 35-spline axles, and 3.70 gears
Exhaust DynoMax mufflers and tailpipes w/electric cutouts
Fuel system MagnaFlow 750 fuel pump w/custom lines, fuel rails, Injector Dynamics 212-lb/hr injectors, and an Aeromotive regulator

Computer Stock, Predator-tuned by Thunder Autosports
Ignition Stock, NGK plugs, WOT box
Gauges Stock, boost gauge