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April 8, 2011
Photos By: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

Shane Shiamone
2003 Mustang Cobra

Coming in with the KOTS blueprint, Williamsburg, Virginia's Shane Shiamone traded a 10-second Lightning for his '03 Cobra. It was exactly what he wanted with the exact modifications he wanted. However, he broke pretty much everything in consecutive trips to the dragstrip so he started back at square one with a Fox Lake Power Products-built Four-Valve taking boost from a Hellion Power Systems twin-turbo kit. With a lot of help from Horsepower Solutions, and a lot of patience from his girlfriend, Peggy, and his kids, Shane made it to the KOTS.

Showing he had been paying attention to our predilections, Shane's Cobra featured swing-out door bars, stock seatbelts, a Speed of Sound gauge pod, stock-like clutch-pedal effort, effortless braking, cold A/C, and excellent handling characteristics.

On the street, as we've become accustomed, the twin-turbocharged Cobra drove well. However, like other so-equipped Cobras, Shane's suffered from a low-rpm bucking issue, but also like others we've experienced, that problem cleared up with increased rpm. Also, Shane's car suffered from readily apparent front-suspension racket, and it was rather exciting when under orders to get moving. In other words, Shane's Cobra wanted to put us in the ditch when pushed. It took equally specific orders to keep it on the road. Fun? Yes, loads of it, and once we saw the power Shane's car made, this personality trait didn't shock us at all.

However, scaring women and small children and making a truckload of power are not the car's only strong points. According to Shane, the car also is capable of knocking down 26 mpg on the highway thanks to its Magnum T56 transmission and 3.73 gears. We didn't have a need to check it on the KOTS Ride and Drive loop, but Shane's Cobra boasts an Altronics Red Alert EGT monitor to make sure the combination doesn't eat itself. This little component is obviously to keep past mechanical mishaps in the past.

But speaking of the present, Shane's Cobra vindicated itself in the KOTS. It scored 8s in the Engineering, Fit and Finish, and Ride and Drive categories. With an impressive 991 hp on the Dynojet, he scored a 9 in that all-important category. In the Popular Vote, Shane's Cobra was middle of the road with a score of 5. On track, his 11.086 at 142 mph, which garnered a 5 in the Drag Race segment.

Final Score: 60.45

Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block '98 Cobra Teksid aluminum
Rotating Assembly '03 Cobra crankshaft w/Oliver billet connecting rods, Diamond pistons, and Total Seal piston rings
Heads Fox Lake Power Products Stage II-ported '03 Cobra w/Livernois Motorsports valvesprings
Camshafts Comp Cams/Modular Performance custom grind
Intake Ported long-runner '01 Cobra
Mass Air Shelby slot-style w/DiabloSport MAFia
Throttle Body Accufab
Power Adder Hellion Power Systems twin-turbo kit w/Turbo-netics 61mm turbos
Transmission Tremec T56 Magnum, McLeod RXT clutch, Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Rear 3.73 gears
Exhaust Factory exhaust manifolds w/Bassani Xhaust 3-in X-shape crossover and Magnaflow mufflers
Fuel System Triple Ford GT Supercar fuel pumps w/custom lines, Sullivan Performance fuel rails, and FRPP 80-lb/hr injectors

Computer Stock, Horsepower Solutions-tuned xCal 3
Ignition FRPP coils w/Kenne Bell Boost-A-Spark, MSD 2-step, and NGK spark plugs
Gauges Stock w/Speed of Sound gauge pod, Aeroforce Interceptor OBD-II gauge, Innovate wideband, Altronics Red Alert EGT monitor, and methanol controller

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