Michael Johnson Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
April 8, 2011
Photos By: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

Robert Hogan
1994 Mustang Cobra

Since we like to have a variety of powerplants competing in the KOTS, we couldn't wait to see Robert Hogan's '94 Cobra. With a Paxton Novi 2000-fed 427ci Windsor, the car had all the makings of a KOTS spoiler. I was hoping the SN-95 would come in and dominate. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the case.

Built at Southeast Turbo in Dallas, Georgia, the Cobra was plagued with issues from start to finish. The Cobra had a mysterious miss the whole weekend, and no matter what Southeast Turbo's Paul Rogowski did, the miss remained. In its KOTS application, Paul said the car was 800hp capable, but due to the issues, it left a few ponies back in Georgia.

The Cobra had all the good stuff. A D.S.S. 427ci Windsor with AFR 225cc heads, an Edelbrock Super Victor EFI intake, an MSD ignition, a Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger, a Tremec TKO 600 transmission, a Moser 9-inch rear, and much more. We're not the only ones wishing the car was at full strength. Everyone in attendance wanted to see the car succeed. As it was, though, everyone had to forge ahead with the hand we were dealt, meaning the show had to go on.

With the issues, Robert's Cobra suffered a great detail. The car was devoid of a cage and featured stock seatbelts, which made it easy to get in and out of the car. However, once inside, the seatbelts weren't fully operational, the A/C didn't work, the driver-side window was out of order, and the cruise was inoperable. Plus, Robert's Cobra featured manual brakes and steering. When you're used to both of these accessories in a power mode, and then you drive a car with manual brakes and steering, a ditch is surely in your future if you don't pay attention. Even the TKO's shifter was a little awkward, but the most unfortunate aspect of the car was that it was just way off.

Not all was bad. The Cobra's Nordskog digital gauges were easy to read and the seats were comfortable. However, we thought the Cobra designs on the seats were a bit over the top. The car's exterior did have nice paint, but here, too, we thought some aspects were over the top. The Cobra competes in car shows all over the Southeast, so we guess the designs work in those environs.

Unfortunately, Robert's car didn't do well overall. Obviously running a miss, the Cobra scored a 2 in the Dyno category, and Paul didn't see a reason to risk damaging the engine on the dragstrip so he didn't make any passes, which also resulted in a 2. Since the car did feature a well-chosen combination, KJ awarded it a 7.5 in the Engineering, but Editor Turner was obviously not a fan of the graphics or interior, giving it a 5 in the Fit and Finish category. With all its troubles, Robert's Cobra scored a 4 in the Ride and Drive. Helping to restore some respect to the car, it did garner a 6 in the Popular Vote category.

Final Score: 24.79

Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block Dart 351 Windsor
Rotating Assembly D.S.S. Racing stroker short-block w/D.S.S. stroker crankshaft, H-beam connecting rods, Extreme XR pistons, and ARP bolts Heads AFR 225cc w/roller rockers
Camshaft Custom grind
Intake Edelbrock Super Victor EFI
Throttle Body BBK Performance 75mm
Power Adder Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger w/front-mount intercooler
Transmission Tremec TKO 600 w/FRPP clutch, Fidanza steel flywheel, and Driveline Specialties aluminum driveshaft
Rear Moser Engineering 9-inch w/31-spline axles, and Strange Engineering 3.73 gears
Exhaust Southeast Turbo custom long-tube 1-7/8-inch headers, 3-inch exhaust with custom H-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers
Fuel System Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump w/Aeromotive fuel rails, Aeromotive regulator, Earl's Prolite fuel lines, and 83-lb/hr injectors

Ignition MSD
Gauges Nordskog digital, Auto Meter boost and fuel pressure gauges in A-pillar pod