Michael Johnson Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
April 8, 2011
Photos By: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

Nick Burch
2006 Mustang GT

One of our favorite people from this year's KOTS is Nick Burch from Farmington, Missouri. Since he owns two Domino's Pizza franchises back home, he quickly became known as Pizza Guy. He had to suffer through some competitive pizza at Holley for the Dyno portion, but he didn't look any worse for wear.

Nick represented the home-built side of the KOTS fence rather well. And we can say for certain Nick's GT sees regular street duty back in Missouri. After driving the car we can see why. Rolling down the road, we noticed the car didn't have a cage, or harnesses. Not remembering any of the details from Nick's application we took that as his car wouldn't be offering much in the way of performance and horsepower. We would be proven way wrong.

Right off the bat, Nick's GT simply doesn't turn. This was a byproduct of Nick's use of big n' littles, just like many of the other KOTS competitors. As we exit Beech Bend Park on our drive loop, the road has more curves than Sofia Vergara. Go ahead, we'll give you a minute to Google her. Anyway, Nick's car won't win any slalom races, and the steering wheel was off-center, but he didn't build it to carve corners and he's probably not worried about a "centered" steering wheel--he built it to be fast. And that it is. Our loop contains two long straightaways, and I made use of the power when I had opportunity. The amount surprised me, and made me question Nick's sanity for not having a cage and harnesses. This car moves.

However, the front end made a bunch of racket. I was actually a tad worried about the integrity of the front end. The Aerospace brakes on Nick's GT worked great, as did its 4R70W, but it too made a nice "clunk" when going into overdrive. Fully operational A/C and a nice stereo helped restore street cred, though. Plus, the exhaust was rather subdued, which is not surprising with it being a turbo car. Nick's car represented well for a DIY effort. With a tighter front end, a little more detail, and paint touch-up, Nick's GT would've finished higher. As it was, the stripes' real fire flames done by KCL Design were awesome, but the paint's shortcomings on the front splitter looked like it was my car, and it cost a couple Fit and Finish points.

As it is, though, Pizza Guy surprised us in the Dyno portion by making 823 hp to score a 6 in that category. Then he followed up that number by running an impressive, cage-defying 9.82 at 139 mph to score an 8 in the Drag Race category. There's no such thing as a late pizza from one of Nick's stores. In the Engineering and Fit and Finish categories, Nick's GT suffered with 6s in both, and then he really took a hit in the Popular Vote category with a 3. I guess no one knew he owned a Domino's. In the Ride and Drive category, the drawbacks knocked his score down to a 7.

Final Score: 39.35

Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block '04 Cobra iron
Rotating Assembly MMR 900 short-block w/Kellogg crankshaft, Manley Performance connecting rods, and Manley pistons
Heads Stock Three-Valve, Manley Performance valvesprings
Camshafts Stock
Intake Stock
Throttle Body Stock
Mass Air Meter SCT BA5000
Power Adder HP Performance single-turbo kit w/Precision 76mm turbo and Tial 50mm blow-off valve
Transmission 4R70W w/Precision Industries triple-disc, 3,800-rpm stall converter; Baumannator transmission controller; SFI flexplate; and custom one-piece driveshaft
Rear 8.8 w/stock 3.31 gears, stock axles, and Detroit Locker differential
Exhaust Stock exhaust manifolds w/Corsa axle-back exhaust
Fuel System Lethal Performance Ultimate Pro Fuel System w/twin Ford GT fuel pumps, 80-lb/hr injectors, MMR fuel rails, and custom lines

Computer Stock w/SCT tune by Dynospeed Racing
Ignition Stock w/Autolite spark plugs gapped at 0.028-inch
Gauges Stock w/Speed of Sound dual gauge pod and radio pod, Raptor shift light, and Auto Meter Cobalt gauges