Michael Johnson Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
April 8, 2011
Photos By: 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Staff

Andrew Greene Jr.
2008 Shelby GT500

Evolution Performance has quickly become one of those shops capable of supplying three to four KOTS contestants. We try to spread the wealth, but if the cars are good, the cars are good.

Andrew Greene flies the EVO flag, and his Alloy '08 GT500 is deserving of the KOTS invite. At the competition, Andrew told us the car is actually his son Andrew Jr.'s car. Calling Andrew Jr. one lucky kid would be a huge understatement. Andrew Jr. is most definitely going to be the big man on campus in high school.

Junior's GT500 was one of our favorite KOTS cars. Big Andrew even had Evolution install gauges on the passenger side so Andrew Jr. could keep tabs on his car's goings-on. Plus, given the car's street nature, the rollcage featured swing-out door bars. And with a Kenne Bell 3.6LC supercharger atop a prepped short-block, this car makes stupid power, as well. However, with a Jon Lund tune on-board, the car's driveability was top notch.

There was one huge drawback to Andrew's GT500, though. We almost didn't allow the car to compete; we've kept cars out of the competition with this drawback in the past. That one knock is the fact that his car features a non-overdrive transmission. It's been a few years since we allowed a non-overdrive transmission into the KOTS, and to be frank, I was against it. However, since everything else on the car was top-notch, we decided to let it in and let the chips fall where they may.

Despite this, I went into the Ride and Drive with an open mind. In practice, it wasn't too bad. Would I want to drive the car from Florida to California? No! Could it be done? Sure, but it would take forever, and there would be a million gas stops. The car's TCI Outlaw shifter works superbly, but the "Evo-matic" possessed a manual valvebody, which means manual shifting into each gear.

As a city car, Andrew's GT500 would be a blast. With the Kenne Bell-boosted 5.4, throttle response is right now, and the ferocious exhaust lets everyone know this car is for real, and with 20-inch wheels at each corner, his GT500 has no problem in the curves. All in all, this GT500 was a blast to drive, and it might've changed our views of reintroducing non-overdrive transmissions to the KOTS competition ... maybe.

As for scoring, Andrew's GT500 did well across the board. By making 828 hp, it scored a 7 in the Dyno portion, and even with its non-overdrive transmission, it did well in the Ride and Drive, also scoring a 7. Even with its envy-inducing 20-inch Evo Series II carbon-fiber wheels and Nitto NT-05R treads out back, the car ran a jaw-dropping 9.813 at 142 mph. That run was the second best of the competition behind Tony Alm, earning a 9 in the Drag Race category. KJ gave the car an odd 8.5 in the Engineering category, while the ever-tough Editor Turner gave the car an 8 in the Fit and Finish category--even with the envy-inducing carbon-fiber wheels! (Since Editor Turner is such a carbon fiber nut, we thought Jr.'s car would score at least score a 9!) However, the voting public really liked Andrew Jr.'s GT500, as it overwhelmingly won the Popular Vote category, scoring a 10.

Final Score: 63.04

Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain
Block Stock
Rotating Assembly Stock crankshaft, Manley connecting rods, Diamond pistons
Heads Ported w/Manley valve-springs
Camshafts Comp Cams/Evolution Performance Stage 3
Intake Ported Stock
Mass Air Kenne Bell
Throttle Body Kenne Bell dual 75mm
Power Adder Kenne Bell 3.6LC supercharger w/3-1/2-inch pulley, 22 pounds of boost, and C&R Racing heat exchanger with dual fans
Transmission Evo-matic three-speed w/3,000-rpm stall converter, TCI Outlaw shifter, and Dynotech 3-1/2-inch driveshaft
Rear Evolution Performance-built Ford 9-inch w/35-spline axles, spool, and 3.70 gears
Exhaust American Racing Headers 2-in long-tube headers, w/off-road X-shape crossover and Magnaflow axle-back exhaust
Fuel System Kenne Bell Competition dual Boost-a-Pumps, stock fuel lines, Evolution Performance fuel rails, Ford Racing Performance Parts 80-lb/hr injectors

Computer Stock, Jon Lund-tuned
Ignition Stock, NGK TR6 spark plugs
Gauges Stock w/Auto Meter Nexus