Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
March 31, 2011
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Horse Sense: It’s a wrap! While it’s common knowledge that the Nitto Tire World Finals marks the end of each Mustang racing season, the close of 2010’s schedule brings another bittersweet ending of sorts for the NMRA. The sanction’s Pro Outlaw 10.5 class will have a limited schedule in 2011. However, the void brings the always-exciting Super Street Outlaw class to the forefront as NMRA’s flagship eliminator, which, along with other changes in the organization’s class structure, has us looking forward to all the exciting wheels-up action that’s sure to come in 2011!

Victory is every racer’s number one objective when he or she brings their Mustang to the starting line. And, in a drag race, finishing on top is the direct result of eliminating, or in basic racerspeak, taking out all opponents.

Methods of achieving take-out success on the dragstrip are varied. Of course, simply beating the brakes off the ’Stang in the other lane is the most-preferred tactic. However, wins can also come as the result of a competitor’s driving error, a problem with his car, or even through alliances made with other racers (blocking), in an attempt to help clear a path in eliminations that eventually leads to the Promised Land.

The 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford team witnessed all of the above at the 12th Annual Nitto Tire World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, last October, as event titles and NMRA class championships were earnedand lostby racers who pulled out all the stops to win the ultimate prizes in all-Ford drag racing. We salute each World Finals winner and 2010 NMRA champion.

Through the following photos and captions, we offer a small glimpse of some of the hot happenings that went down in Bowling Green. For more images from the most-exciting weekend in all-Ford drag racing, please visit our website

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