Paul Rosner
February 25, 2011
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Xtreme Drag Radial

The boys from the NMRA threw out about half the rulebook from the old Drag Radial class, and let the horses run wild and unbridled by introducing the all-new Xtreme Drag Radial class. Now all you have to do is pass the required tire measurement after your pass for a trip to the next round!

There is something about drag-radial racing that is captivating to racers across the nation, probably because the tire has become the weak link. It's a world where horsepower does not guarantee you a trip to the winner's circle. It's a class where a properly prepared average Joe can take out the titans of the sport on any given afternoon.

You'll see lots of seemingly slow launches, but watch out as these guys have a tendency to put it on the bumper at about the 330-foot markers as the frightening power kicks in.

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Jason Lee's '86 'Stang barged his way to every final, winning all but a pair, resetting the records on several occasions to repeat as champion. Jason has only missed one trip to the final dance in two years. He will be the man with the biggest target on his back. Lyons Motorsports helped put Canadian Enzo Pecchini's ProCharged '88 coupe in three final rounds-competitors commonly called the class The Jason & Enzo Show-and that was pretty much the story. This year, however, it's a whole new ball game.

EFI Renegade

It will be standing room only, 'cause no wheelie bars are allowed in the class. At this power level, don't even think about hitting burger row if there's a cool breeze after the sun goes down. Cold air means big horsepower boosts, and at least one or two of the players usually ends up dragging off the bumper cover. EFI Renegade is reserved for fuel-injected, automatic-transmission-only cars. If you want to win in this class, you will have to choose from the approved list of non-intercooled street oriented blowers and one or more stages of nitrous oxide.

2010 Class Record
ET: Dan Rawls, 8.31 seconds
MPH: Dan Rawls, 164.83

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Chris Van Gilder's Second Street Speed Shop-built supercharged 'Stang was the most consistent in the class, even though he only collected one trophy from his four trips to the finals. Consistency won the team its first championship. Multiple class-championship winner Brian Mitchell's wizard car was back in the chase, finishing second with a win in the season finale. Bob Cook's '93 Cobra is always a strong contender with a pair of wins in 2010, and Bart Tobener's Vortech-blown, Four-Valve 5.4-powered silver '93 coupe found its way to the win in his two appearances.

Hot Street

No spraying bottles, whining blowers, or hissing turbochargers are allowed in Hot Street. Only old school, all-motor horsepower is allowed. You will adore the sweet sounds of 360-440ci small-blocks wound up to 10,000 rpm echoing down track as man and machine surpass 160 mph in just over 9 seconds. All the top engine builders in the country come to showcase their talents in the NMRA's version of Pro Stock, small-block Ford-style.