Paul Rosner
February 25, 2011
Photos By: Paul Rosner

2010 Class Record
ET: Charlie Booze Jr., 8.38 seconds
MPH: Charlie Booze Jr., 160.85

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Kuntz & Company powerplant poster-child Charlie Booze Jr. has won championships in both the NMRA and NMCA on multiple occasions. Charlie is one of the only racers' to brag of a perfect season. He started the season and ended the season resetting both ends of the record books, visited five finals, and took home the top prize three times. Reigning champ Don Bowles' Roush-powered '70 Maverick and '08 champ Robby Blankenship's gorgeous '04 Cobra both collected two wins. We may have to flip a coin between these three titans. Downs Ford Motorsports' Rick Riccardi's could also surprise a lot of folks with his Hell Bent Racecars Capri.

Real Street

Powerplants in this class are limited to minimum bore push-rod 302 and 4.6-liter Two- and Three-Valve engines, topped with ported stock heads or carefully chosen from a short list of unported aftermarket heads, stock-lift camshafts, and limited street-type power adders. No tricked-out torque converters or automatic transmissions are allowed-this is a driver's class, allowing Tremec transmissions only and offering lots of side-by-side bumper-draggin' action! Real Street is at the power-to-weight ratio, where a perfect pass always includes a four-foot wheelie and a good Second gear can finish off the bumper cover!

2010 Class Record
ET: Bruce Hemminger, 9.23 seconds
MPH: Bruce Hemminger, 144.88

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Four-time Real Street champ Tim Matherly had a busy season. He never quite got the handle on the new Three-Valve in his fresh new '10 racecar, so he swapped back to the proven Two-Valve combo after Bradenton. Meanwhile, Bruce Hemminger started his season in his JPC-sponsored white coupe at the third event, set the record, and won the event. He went on to reset the record repeatedly and beat Tim in the next three finals in a row. Tim needed something drastic to break the three-year string of losses, so he broke out the old '01 Cobra championship car for the World Final showdown. Bruce again reset the record before meeting Tim in the semis. It took a perfect Hail Mary pass to end the streak and earn MV Performance its fifth championship! Former mod-motor champ Jim Breese's Cobra is ready for the next step after knocking down his first win since moving up to the Real Street class. Vortech racing superstar Craig Baldwin has reignited his passion for competition with a new burgundy coupe and worked out most of the bugs just in time to make a final round appearance at the season finale.

Pure Street

If it's all-motor, small-cube action you crave, then Pure Street is your class. The 302 small-blocks are limited to 313 cubes, while 4.6-liter engines get 291 cubes and a second string list of permissible heads to massage. No big camshafts or monster-displacement powerplants allowed in Pure Street. Cams are limited to 0.500-inch for push-rod combos, and 0.550 or 0.480 lift for mod motors. All the '79-and-newer Mustang-bodied cars will brush the bumper on every launch with a Tremec manual or beefed-up factory automatic transmission.

2010 Class Record
ET: Jim St. Charles, 9.99 seconds
MPH: Jim St. Charles, 134.40