Paul Rosner
February 25, 2011
Photos By: Paul Rosner

Your heart pumps like a bass drum, the hair on the back of your neck tingles, and goosebumps invade every inch of your forearms as the roar of the first pair of 2,000hp Ponies blaze the tires.

Racing season is back, and the baddest Ford race cars are on tour at a dragstrip near you.

The all-Ford racing spectacle known as the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals will be sweeping the nation with additional venues, new classes, and more excitement than ever! Nothing creates the kind of electricity of passing through the gates and entering the scintillating world of the Blue Oval group.

Whether you're a hard-core racer trying to prove you are among the best in the nation, or just a guy or gal whose need-for-speed brings you to play in an Open Comp or True Street style class, there should be an event close enough to offer all the racing excitement and spectacle that you crave.

The NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals' traveling Blue Oval circus invites all to participate under the UPR Products big tent, where some of the biggest auto show fields will be displayed, and side shows will include bellows of rubber smoke of all colors as tire fryers melt away the tread for cash and prizes.

Entrepreneur auctioneers will have lots of attractively priced and hard-to-find used goodies for your 'Stang in the swap meet. And don't forget to come out and browse some of the largest manufacturers' midways, where hot, show-only deals are common and tech support is plentiful.

Plan your trip now, and experience some of the many thrills on display at one of nine of the largest sources of live family entertainment in the country. Seven events will exclusively feature Blue Oval contestants, while an additional pair of venues will invite any brand-Xers who dare to accept the challenge to come play in our arena.

It should be a fun season, so check out the straight dope on the classes. Some are familiar, some are new, but all will be on display for Ford fans across the country.

Pro Outlaw 10.5

Attracting the fastest and quickest Ford-powered 10.5W Mustang and Ford-bodied Outlaw streetcars from around the country, Pro Outlaw 10.5 is the NMRA's top class. Combatants will annihilate the 10.5Wx33-inch drag slicks past the eighth-mile cones to get them hot and sticky before attempting to hook the nearly 3,000 hp for at least 1,320 feet in just over 6 seconds. Rolling into battle with turbocharged, nitrous-oxide-injected, or supercharged combos, racers will run head to head at five events throughout the season-three NMRA races and two NMRA/NMCA events. The NMRA events in Florida, New Jersey, and Kentucky will host the big dogs, while they will also run in NMCA Super Street in Georgia and Illinois, and collect NMRA points for their trouble.

2010 Class Records
E.T.: Conrad Scarry, 6.57 seconds
MPH: Conrad Scarry, 215.96

Super Street Outlaw

The deafening thunder of nearly 2,000 hp forced out of each individual header tube with over 35 pounds of boost. The eerie hiss of the blow-off valve from a docile turbocharged car. The tell-tale, frosty, skyward purge of a triple-stage-nitrous-injected power plant, just before stabbing the throttle to introduce the engine to a taste of the NOS meal it's about to consume in the next 7 seconds. All are sights and sounds of the wildest, most unpredictable class of Ford racing-the 10-inch-Tire Freak Show!

These freaks are full-bodied street cars, and with the narrowly adequate 28.6x10.6-inch mandated rear slick, you will be guaranteed side-by-side tire-spinning action from start to stripe. So grab at least the edge of your seat, and prepare to witness some of the wildest low-7-second rides you'll ever see in the quarter-mile.

2010 Class Record
ET: Samuel Vincent, 7.33 seconds
MPH: John MacDonald, 196.54

Watch List
John Urist and the Hellion crew have made the NMRA and their premiere showcase class since inception 11 years ago. In 2010, they made five finals, winning a pair en route to a fifth-consecutive championship of six total. Team Hellion is used to life with the No. 1 target on the window! Hot on John's heels is the Motorcity Motorsports-sponsored, graphics-covered Pony gunned by Johnny MacDonald, who won two of three finals. He was top qualifier three times and lost the title by a mere 10 points! Nitrous wizard Sammy Vincent put the fear in both of the top ProCharger powered pilots with a split on a pair of finals, three number-one qualifiers, and total destruction of the record books in his green coupe's quest. Phil Hines' copper Colt is back, and veteran Chip Havemann is getting quite comfortable in his new ride, so it could be up for grabs in 2011!