Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 24, 2011
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Courtesy of SEMA, Tom Wilson

Auto Meter
Auto Meter ( continues to fill out its huge line of instruments and mounts with this three-instrument A-pillar mount for the newest Mustang. It's available in black for $129.99 retail.

BBK Performance
Another rather fresh BBK ( part was this 85mm throttle body for '11 Mustang GTs. Still a prototype, details were yet to be determined at SEMA, but clearly it supports BBK's existing cold air intake. BBK says it's a direct-replacement part, requiring no electronic support. BBK also showed off a full lineup of '11 V-6 bolt-on parts.

Aluminum coolant expansion tanks are hot sellers ever since the stock SN-95 tanks proved unreliable. Canton ( had this one for the '11 GT at the show. It's slightly larger than the Three-Valve S197 tank, retails for $175, and is in stock now. The company says its working on a Coyote oil pan; it will join the annual production of over 7,500 oil pans and tanks. That's a lot of welding!

To make a point that it offers clutch upgrades for the '11 Mustang, Centerforce ( showed off with this slick '11 GT in its booth. The car rocks a Cervini's body kit, and an amazing paint job highlighted by stripes that look like brushed aluminum.

Comp Cams
Here's a four-some we were sure to see at SEMA: Comp Cams ( bumpsticks for the '11 5.0 V-8. Lobe specs vary hroughout what is actually a series of cams (mild to wild, naturally aspirated or blown, plus custom grinds) for the Coyote. All are billet parts, and significantly, they are counterbalanced to reduce power-robbing vibration. The large majority of these cams don't require a changein valvesprings, either. Comp also showed of phaser limiters and phaser locks for the Coyote engine. These are necessary to allow for larger camshafts without modifying the engine for more piston-to-valve clearance. Comp's sister company, FAST, is also offering a new XFI systems specifically for the Coyote engine swaps.

CFR Performance
West Coast speed-demons CFR Per-formance ( are making a big push into the Fox-Mustang realm. The company offers its own pulleys, alternator brackets, short-tube headers, valve covers, and more. Pictured is CFR's aluminum radiator for the Fox.

D.S.S. Competition Engine
For hardcore engine internals, D.S.S. ( is always leading the way. It has multiple new Ford kits, but this reciprocating assembly for the new 5.0 Coyote is an obvious highlight. It uses a prepped stock crankshaft (eventually an upgraded aftermarket stroker crank will be available) along with D.S.S.'s H-beam rods and X-grooved pistons. For a piston/rod kit with rings and bearings, you'll need $1,399; for a complete kit with prepped crank, rods, and more, expect $2,199. D.S.S. has 5.0 short-blocks with pricing similar to its long-standing 4.6 offerings.

Edelbrock's ( prototype Coyote blower was a major feature of its booth. It uses the same Eaton-supplied TVS rotor pack as previous Edelbrock Ford superchargers, and promises the same OEM reliability and low maintenance, plus 50-state emissions compliance when used with the stock airbox. Changes from the existing S197 blower are the addition of Edelbrock fuel rails, position limiters for the injectors because of the Coyote's aimed injectors, and no coil covers (as the Coyote engine "is too good-looking to cover up"). Edelbrock is also packaging 15-inch of intake runner length into this kit for good off-boost torque. The first units should be on sale when you read this, and pricing was planned "at or below the current blower retail price of $5,999." For '11, the company also added the fully ported E-Series castings as the step-up heads from its street-replacement Performer and Performer RPM heads.