Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 24, 2011
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Courtesy of SEMA, Tom Wilson

After a couple years locked in limp-home mode, the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association show picked up some welcome rpm this year. Everything was up-the number of exhibitors, buyers, and tire-kickers, and most importantly to us, Mustangs.

In fact, we'll admit we were caught napping by the squadrons of Mustangs at the SEMA show. The easy majority were '05-and-later, with the newest Coyote-powered GTs taking a greater than proportional share, as is normal with this show obsessed with the latest thing. Once past the newest Mustangs, mid-'60s classics showed in somewhat surprising numbers. No other Mustangs were well represented. Several Foxes and a couple of SN-95s showed; we didn't see any Mustang IIs.

As expected, '11 bolt-on bits such as exhaust kits and long-tube headers, along with superchargers, were the main Ford attraction this year. Once past those parts, however, there was a good smattering of internal parts for '11s: cams, pistons and such. But there wasn't a fire-hosing of hardcore parts, partially due to a relatively low need for new parts to service still-fresh '11 GTs. The suspension and brakes, for example, are carryovers from '10, so those parts are already available. Plus the '11 launch was just in time to allow some companies to get a car and quickly develop a part or kit for it, but not long enough to let everyone in on the Coyote fun, so we're expecting more '11 GT parts at the upcoming PRI show, plus more to trickle in throughout the year. They'll show as "new" parts at the '11 SEMA show.

Of course, there were plenty of other Ford-specific goods to ogle, not to mention the nearly endless cool stuff and beautiful sights populating the SEMA show halls. Besides what you're thinking of (and we're remembering), ProCharger had a centrifugal blower kit for Raptor pickups, for example.

Outside, Ford teamed with Monster energy drink to transform part of the front parking lot into a playpen for virtuoso drifters Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin Jr. They spent hours tearing up tires to the delight of thousands of onlookers clinging to the security fencing, while a few lucky types rode shotgun.

Overall the mood was definitely upbeat. Business can never be the same as it was during the first hair-on-fire years of the new millennium, but it's both satisfying and reassuring to see car enthusiasm rising once again.

Ah, a new Fox part. Afco/Dynatech ( displayed a new lightweight K-member for Foxes at $399.99. Bolt-in engine mounts for big and small Ford pushrod engines and modulars, plus small, big, and LSX Chevys are available with this K-member. The Dynatech side of things is offering long-tube headers and X-pipes for the '11 Mustang GT.

Aeromotive ( has found a big demand for its high-volume, in-tank fuel pumps sold under the Stealth name. To help meet this demand, the company packaged its tried and true A1000 fuel pump (good for an easy 1,000hp worth of fuel delivery) into a drop-in fitment for the Corvette to easily convert it from returnless to return-style fuel injection. If you are asking what this means to you, just imagine a shorter version coming to a Mustang near you in the not-too-distant future.

American Racing Headers
Full-length headers, plus high-flow cats and X-pipes are 5.0 Coyote naturals, and header specialists at American Racing Headers ( had their 304-stainless effort on prominent display. ARH offers 1 3/4- and 1 7/8-inch long-tubes for the Coyote, along with your choice of X- or H-pipes. They say power goes 32 rwhp with no tuning through the stock mufflers with their gear. They also have new systems for the Lightning as well.

By deleting the outer lip of the 5.4 damper, ATI ( has managed to work a 15-percent overdrive into its new GT500 harmonic damper and pulley. The lip is not needed with the Shelby's serpentine belt. Of course the big news was ATI's new Super Damper for the Coyote 5.0. As quickly as those cars are running, an SFI damper is becoming a must-have item.