KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
October 13, 2010
Photos By: Paul Rosner, KJ Jones

Us vs. Them
Last year, ProMedia changed its "champion's ring" distribution format, and made receiving the highly coveted jewelry a team effort, as opposed to awarding rings to individual winners of each NMRA/NMCA runoff.

In an exciting, 12-race showdown at the conclusion of Super Bowl V's NMRA and NMCA eliminations, Racers of the NMRA prevailed in the special challenge (beating several Brand-X cars in the process), earning the all-hallowed rings, and a year's worth of bragging rights for each member of the team, and proud members of the Mustang Nation.

5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Congratulates Team NMRA:

  • Miles Wagoner
  • Ray Johnson
  • John H Pickering
  • Reggie Burnett Jr
  • Tommy Godfrey
  • Brandon Alsept
  • Bruce Hemminger
  • Robbie Blankenship
  • Bob Cook
  • Sean Lyon
  • Sam Vincent
  • Mike Murillo

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