KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
October 4, 2010
Photos By: Paul Rosner, KJ Jones

There's really something special about being in the Detroit Metro Area each spring for the Aeromotive NMRA Ford Nationals at Milan Dragway. As true Ford loyalists know, Detroit-fondly referred to as "The D" by those with a penchant for slang-is the home of our beloved Mustangs (Ponies are assembled in Flat Rock, actually). As such, the Motor City certainly is a more-than-appropriate place for NMRA racers, show participants, and hard-core fans like us to converge and take in the high-flying show.

With the exception of venue and a revamped schedule (qualifying and eliminations were crammed into a Friday/Saturday timeframe), the event was eerily similar to the NMRA's Atco (New Jersey) race held just three weeks earlier, as several finalists from that race once again found themselves in the ultimate show-and-prove situation-this time, on the starting line at Milan Dragway.

As the NMRA series moves on to Joliet, Illinois, and its annual meeting with the NMCA's supporters of Brand-X and other non-Ford makes, continue on through the following photos for our look back at the Blue Oval showdown in Motown.

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