KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
May 5, 2010
Photos By: KJ Jones

On the Panel
The 20th Annual Advanced Engineering Technology Conference was headlined by an outstanding panel of Ford modular-engine product manufacturers, designers, builders, tuners and racers.Here is a rundown of the speakers and topics:

Al Noe, Trick Flow Specialties
"Designing the Ultimate High-Performance Modular 2V Cylinder Head"

Jim D'Amore, JDM Engineering "Advanced Building and Tuning of Supercharged Mod Motors"

Devin Rickey, Power-Tec Engineering, LLC
"Advanced Supercharger Technology for the Modular Engine"

David Clinton, Darton International Inc.
"Advanced Cylinder-Sleeve Technology and Building Big-Inch Mod Motors"

Kyle Carrothers, Roush Industries
"Developing the Mod Motor Roush Ford Super Stocker"

Jeff Lyjak and Rob Deneweth (Co-Presenting), Ford Racing
"An Insider's Look at Ford's Modular, From Inception Through Racing 2010 Cobra Jets"

Brian Wolfe, Ford Racing
Round Table Panel Discussion, "The Vision of Ford Racing"

John Maddox, Roush Yates Engines
"Developing 4V Mod Fords for Daytona Prototype Racing and Ultimate Performance"

Richard Holdener, Automotive Writer
"Developing Compound-Forced Induction for Ford Mod Motors"

Chris Johnson, SCT
"Advanced Performance Tuning of Mod Engines and Factory ECUs"

Joe Pando, MSD Ignition
"Advanced Theory and Application of Performance and Racing Ignition for Ford Modular"

Sean Andrew, Diamond Racing
"Understanding Advanced Piston Technology and Optimizing for Ford Mod Motors"

Best In Stock
We always receive questions asking about "the best" stock pieces for building an engine. Years ago, back when 5.0-liter pushrod bullets were all the rage, the Internet was abuzz with enthusiasts sharing info on castings. We've noticed similar talk about the mod-motor components (Two-, Three-, and Four-Valve). Here is a rundown of preferred blocks and heads for high-output applications, according to Rob Deneweth and Jeff Lyjak of Ford Racing:

•4.6 Cast-Iron Blocks: Windsor
•5.4 Cast-Iron Blocks: Windsor after 2001
•4.6 Aluminum Block: Three-Valve Mustang

•Two-Valve PI Heads: Windsor after November 2002; Romeo after November 2003
•Three-Valve Heads: All after October 2007; Mustang-only after 2009 model year
•Four-Valve Heads: 2C5E (Aviator, Mach 1, Marauder), Ford GT and Shelby GT500