Michael Johnson Associate Editor
March 16, 2010
Photos By: Steve Turner

Diego Castro
Completing the Power by the Hour trifecta is Diego Castro. He sent the initial applications for his South Florida brethren, yet he's the one bringing up the rear of the three. It doesn't seem fair, but that's the way the ball bounces in this case.

Diego's '00 GT wears genuine Saleen ground effects, and also twin turbos over a built Four-Valve. Jake at Power by the Hour built Diego's car as well, so it follows the recipe, and what a recipe it is.

Diego's car was devoid of a cage; getting in and out was a piece of cake. Once in, the stock and Auto Meter gauges in a Speed of Sound gauge pod greet you with a smile. During the Ride & Drive, the only gauge to get our attention was the tach-the needle swung to the right as quick as a Floyd Mayweather Jr. punch. I left a few thousand miles worth of Nitto rubber on the road leading to Beech Bend Raceway "testing" the car's driveability. Acceleration easily surpassed requirements.

Like many of the other turbo cars in KOTS, Diego's car is docile out of boost, and since it's a 4R70W car, you could hand the keys to pretty much anyone and send them on their way. The transmission shifted perfect on the Ride & Drive, and Diego's car didn't suffer the same transmission damage as his fellow Power by the Hour delegates during the dyno portion of the competition. All accessories worked as they should; the only issue I had with the car was the front end made a little racket going over bumps.

Ultimately, what hurt Diego's score was his GT's lack of big power, which came in at 638 hp to give him a bottom-scraping 2 in the Horsepower segment. The car earned an 8 in the Ride & Drive, while earning a pair of 7s in the Fit & Finish and Engineering (tough crowd). With a stellar 10.07 at 141 mph, he scored an 11 in the Drag Race category, but his GT didn't seem to arouse the crowd, garnering only 11 votes to finish with a 4 in the Popular Vote. Diego finished with a 61.

Ride & Drive: 8
Horsepower: 2
Fit & Finish: 7
Engineering: 7
Drag Race: 11
Popular Vote: 4

5.0 Tech Specs
Engine and Drivetrain

Block: Ford 4.6 Teksid aluminum block
Bore: 3.572 in
Stroke: 3.543 in
Displacement: 283 ci
Rotating Assembly: Cobra crankshaft, Manley Performance connecting rods, CP pistons, Total Seal piston rings
Camshafts: Stock '03 Cobra
Heads: Stock '03 Cobra
Intake: '01 Cobra
Mass Air Meter: Pro-Flow
Power Adder: Power by the Hour-built twin turbocharger system w/Twin Precision 60mm turbos, HP Performance intercooler, 20 pounds of boost
Fuel System: Twin Ford GT supercar fuel pumps, -8 fuel lines, CPR fuel rails, 60-lb/hr injectors
Exhaust: HP Performance headers modified by Power by the Hour w/custom X-shape crossover pipe; Magnaflow mufflers and tailpipes
Transmission: Power by the Hour-built 4R70W automatic w/FTI 3,800-rpm stall converter and stock shifter
Rearend: 8.8 w/Eaton posi, 3.31 gears, Moser Engineering 31-spline axles

Engine Management:
Stock computer w/DiabloSport software
Ignition: Stock w/Weapon-X coils and NGK TR6 spark plugs
Gauges: Stock, Auto Meter, Speed of Sound gauge pod

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