Paul Rosner
March 5, 2010

Real Street
Real Street is at the perfect power-to-weight ratio for cars to tickle the bumper on every pass, and second gear always comes with the wheels two feet in the air. This is a drivers' class that offers lots of side-by-side bumper draggin' action. No exotic engine combos or tricked-out automatics allowed in Real Street. It's small motors, single power adders, and banging gears just like the street cars that inspired the class.

2009 Class Records
Bruce Hemminger, 9.59 seconds
MPH: Tim Matherly, 146.05 mph

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Tim Matherly's wheel-standing Pony captured the class top honors in 2009. He now has four championships and two runner-ups in the last six years. Look out for his sick new '10 race car, taking Mustang racing to the next generation. Last years' champ Bruce Hemminger's JPC-sponsored, nitrous-oxide-injected ride has won all seven finals he's competed in over the past two years. Jim Breese's Cobra rocks a ProCharged 4.6 Two-Valve engine-an unseasonable Breese could blow through the field on any weekend. Newcomer Dave Ginter's blown Two-Valve SN-95 and veteran Paul Wiley's supercharged Windsor snuck into the finals on two occasions, with Matt Johnson's wicked, bottle-fed baby not far behind.

Pure Street
All the '79-and-newer Mustangs will brush the bumper on every launch without the danger of unloading the rear tires in Pure Street. So if it's big-wheelie, all-motor action you crave, you don't want to miss this class. No huge camshafts or monster displacements are allowed in Pure Street, with only 0.500-maximum-lift Windsors, and 0.550- or 0.480-lift Two, Three, and Four-Valve mod-motors will take despicable amounts of duration to extend ranges to upward of 9,000 rpm.

2009 Class Record
Ryan Hecox, 10.12 seconds
MPH: Steve Gifford, 133.38 mph

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High Flyin Ryan Hecox powershifted his silver Cobra to five final-round appearances, claiming the '09 title by a mere 25 points. Mark Anderson and Grandpa Ron's Kuntz-powered, bumper-draggin' Fox coupe went three for five in final rounds, they're looking to wear the crown in 2010. Steve Gifford moved up from Factory Stock to a new Modular Depot-backed, Two-Valve SN-95 Cobra; he appeared in final rounds and exited with some sick mph. Last season's champ Brandon Alsept's SN-95 tested several engine combos and still ended up with a win. It won't be long before Eric Burkhart's gorgeous '95 Boss 302 and Shawn Johnson's Four-Valve SN-95 find their way to the winner's circle!

Factory Stock
Bored bracketeers and test-n-tune junkies tired of handicap starts and hours in the staging lanes? This entry-level class is the for fuel-injected cars. It is one of the most contested in the NMRA, serving as a stepping stone to quicker classes.

2009 Class Records
Tommy Godfrey, 11.03 seconds
MPH: Tommy Godfrey, 121.05 mph

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Repeat champ Tommy Godfrey stayed a half lap ahead of the field all season. His coupe leaves with the wheels high. Watch and be amazed by his stocker. John Leslie Jr. finally got the monkey off his back, capturing his first event win in '09. Now his sights are on a championship. Jay Dold's Modular Depot-sponsored '03 Mach 1 earned a couple final-round appearances, but it was newcomer Jim St. Charles's '98 Cobra that handed the champ his only loss of the season. The next two gladiators in line for a shot at glory have to be the Two-Valve modular entries of Matt Armine and Brian Marr.

Modular Muscle
This class offers Pro-tree, handicap style racing which you must qualify for your e.t. with a 0.10 breakout allowance on race day. Modular Motor is center stage for showcasing the performance potential of the overhead camshaft modular engines, don't look for an easy go of it here-the fields are big and racing is intense. No electronics are allowed in Modular Muscle.