Paul Rosner
March 5, 2010

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Reggie Burnette Jr. scored a pair of wins in 2008 and won three in 2009, bullying his way to the '09 title. Donnie Bowles Junior's natural-gas-powered, 9-second 'Stang and Susan Roush McClenaghan's She-Devil Motorsports-supercharged '01 Pony pounded the '08 champ Tom Motycka back to the fourth spot in the points. Jeff Stafford's Modular Misfits-sponsored green convertible, Ronnie Diaz and his bad black Pascal Engines Performance-powered '99 GT, and Zak Harty's 11-second '97 GT will be on the hunt for the Roush big guns. Richard Robinson's '97 Cobra, Lucas Clark's '98 GT, and Joseph Marini's '05 fight to move up to the top five.

Open Comp
Open Comp-style racing has become a stable at dragstrips around the country. You must qualify for your e.t. with a 0.10 breakout allowance on race day. Most of the competitors will be bracket racers looking for something a bit different. The fields will be full and the racing intense, with no electronics allowed.

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Wesley Dalrymple won the final event in 2009 to capture the championship with his 10-second, all-motor big-block. The big-block brigade of Bruce Parker's '79, Paul Lehman's '31 Model A, and David Woodside's '84 T-Bird will charge the hill. They collected five wins between them in 2009 and are planning for even more champagne parties in 2010. The fighting Foxes of Saul Walker II's360-cube '93, Bryan Parker's 466-cube '86, Randy Conway's 410-cupe coupe, and Robert Motycka's big-block '88 hatch will stampede their way to the winner's circle. And don't overlook Jimmy Cantrell and his innocent six-cylinder Ranger Splash. He may just rain on everyone's parade!

Truck & Lightning
This will be a battle for pickup supremacy where all Ford trucks are allowed to compete. It's Pro-tree, handicap-style racing, and you must qualify for your e.t. with a 0.10 breakout allowance on race day. Don't look for an easy go of it here-the fields are big and the no-electronics racing is intense.

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Bob Cochran bought his '48 F1 over 40 years ago to tow his '41 F100 show truck around. Now it's all about quarter-mile pounding. Class champ Mike Motycka got bumped out of the spotlight, even though he went two for two in four trips to the last dance. Gen 2 pioneer Johnny Lightning's 10-second '02 daily Lightning, Gerry Van Veen's Ranger, Don Justus' '01 Lightning, and Gary Windsor's '93 Lightning have a plot to oust the top three from contention. If Rob Chuhran, Joe Matthews, Steve Martin, Bob Kowalske, and Robert Abramavich have a say in it, Lightning will strike the competition down-Gen 2-style!

Super 'Stang
The Super Stang class showcases the performance capabilities of all S197 Mustangs. Steeds must weigh 3,400 pounds, run quicker than a 14.50, and launch on a footbrake only-no transbrakes, two-steps, or electronics allowed.

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Chris Parisi had a perfect record in the finals, putting his six-cylinder '07 Steeda in the winner's circle on four occasions. Don Justus is a terror in both the Truck and Lightning and Super 'Stang classes. Meanwhile, Joe Cram's Edelbrock-sponsored '06 and Kent Nine's '06 drop-top will be knocking out the competition with an eye in the rear-view mirror for the ever quicker bunch of Pete Espeut's BMR-sponsored '05 GT, Paul Gamino's borrowed ride, and Michael Dellisanti's mid-10-second '07 GT/CS.