January 1, 2010

Summer is a hectic season for us at 5.0&SF. From car shows to NMRA events, the calendar is stacked long and deep with potential events to attract our cameras. It's also a busy time for personal vacations, where we actually step away from the Mustang scene for a moment to remember what our families look like. How we've never made the effort to get out to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the annual Mustang Week event up until this point, I just don't know.

Certainly, a weeklong event requires a commitment, but it's unlike any other event we've ever attended. Mustang Week organizers take great care to balance the Mustang activities with time for family vacation fun. So you can bring your girl, your whole family, or just a bunch of friends and have plenty of time to goof off at the beach or sleep off a hangover before washing your 'Stang and heading to the next event.

This sort of laid-back escapism is a nice change of pace, and with all the possible entertainment, dining, and relaxing opportunities in the Myrtle Beach area, it's an easy sell to convince your lady to sign off on a week's worth of Mustang activities. The Turner clan followed suit and packed up all our gear into a '10 GT500 to make the trek to Mustang Week for a week of fun. You'll see elsewhere in this issue that the car made the experience a lot of fun, but even in a V-6 rental it would have been a blast.

The first thing that struck us upon arriving in Myrtle Beach were the sights and sounds of Mustangs all around. If you're like me and your head turns any time you see a sweet 'Stang, it's hard to get that instinct under control when there are cool Mustangs on every street.

You can tell that this is an event enthusiasts look forward to as soon as the previous one ends, as there are all manner of unofficial cruises and meet-ups within Mustang Week. It starts with a slow build of unofficial events on Monday, kicks into gear on Tuesday with the official Meet 'N' Greet, and thunders on through the cruise-in on Saturday, where every Mustang in town shows up for one last hurrah. From simple gatherings of old friends to Fox Mustang cruises, the enthusiasm at Mustang Week reminds you how much people love their Mustangs.

Our photos and captions just scratch the surface of the event, but they give you a good idea what it's all about. For a gallery of all our Mustang Week images, point your browser over to our website.

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