Michael Johnson Associate Editor
July 1, 2009
Photos By: Steve Turner
VMP Tuning (321) 206-9369, www.vmptuning.com is not very far from Orlando, Florida's Orange County Convention center, so main man Justin Starkey brought over a portable Dynojet. Since VMP's specialty is Mustangs it brought over the company Shelby GT500 to display and beat on for entertainment and tuning purposes. Witnessing a Shelby GT500 at full song in the Florida sun qualifies as a good day for us.

These days, the Mustang racing season officially comes to a close in early October, but for racers, it never really ends. As soon as the burnout smoke clears, it's time to start working on new combos and new sponsors for the next season. This activity hits a fever pitch at the Performance Racing Industry trade show held during early December in Orlando, Florida. There, an entire building of the massive Orlando convention center is overrun with hardcore high-performance gear for all styles of racing.

Horsepower--the desire to make more and run faster that the rest--drives our egos and our industry. If we used '50s products to go fast, we wouldn't improve. Therefore, we rely on technology, and the latest racing tech is seen first at PRI. Smart people take this technology and apply it to cylinder heads, intake manifolds, engine-management systems, tires, wheels, camshafts, and more, so we can buy them and make our Mustangs quicker.

Which products make it into or onto your Mustang? Which parts will give racers a championship edge in 2009? Only time will tell. For now, however, here's a look at the PRI gear that revved up our speed lust.