Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2009
Photos By: The 5.0&SF Staff, Dan Schoneck, Alan Hurley, Scott Spandet, Matt Simonds, Jerome Shumate, Matt Knab, John King, Cory Harris, Andy Barth, Chuck Hamstra

Corey Harris
Look up wolf in sheep's clothing, and you'll likely see Corey Harris' '03. From the Modular Powerhouse camp, Corey's Cobra was built to make the most horsepower and run the quickest time at this year's Nitto Tire KOTS.

More on that later. This is what's known as a compound-boost car, with a ported stock Eaton supercharger, a Hellion Power Systems Hell Raiser twin-turbocharger system, and nitrous on top of all that. The car even had a spray-bar nitrous kit as well. Yeah, pure insanity on four wheels. Trust us-we couldn't believe it, either. There aren't too many shops in the country that would even dream of attempting this type of build, but MPH tackled it like a hungry NFL defensive lineman.

First off, when we drove the car, we didn't even try putting the wood to it. The car just makes so much power, it's insane. After we drove it, MPH's Jeff Harris took yours truly for a thrill ride, and even with the Nitto Xtreme Drag radials out back, the car is uncontrollable in First and Second gears. Not until you get way into Third gear can power be fully applied. After that, being in a jet plane on take-off will never be the same. This car left us asking the pilot if that was all he has. You have the low-end grunt of the supercharger; up top you have the twin turbos all spooled up trying to rip the front seats out of their brackets-but wait. Then you have the nitrous on top of that. It's just crazy.

After driving the car, we knew it was going to make a ton of power, but getting it all to show up on The Horsepower House's Dynojet was going to be a challenge. Sure enough, Jeff Harris' first dyno pull resulted in wicked tire spin.

For the second dyno pull, Jeff didn't even activate the nitrous and the Cobra still made 982 hp, a new KOTS record. We were hoping for 1,000-and we weren't alone-but the dyno wasn't going to hold it, even with a lot of junk in the trunk.

From our experiences with MPH, we knew the guys could tune, but how could they ever make a 982-rwhp, compound-boost Cobra drive like a street car? MPH did an excellent job of doing just that. It's not as docile and street-friendly as some of MPH's past KOTS cars, but respectable for as much power as this car makes. For this car to even idle down the road is a feat in itself. The fact that it can be driven like a stocker is truly amazing. Like we said, the driveability wasn't as great as previous MPH cars and the clutch squealed upon engagement, but if we were at the mercy of 1,000 rwhp, we'd probably give out a cry or two as well.

All this is surrounded by a plain, stock exterior, right down to the wheels. Although the rears are widened stockers, you have to look close to tell. Even the inside of the car is stock. If you were to cruise up to the local hot spot in Corey's Cobra, no one would be wiser as to how much power it makes, and we loved the car from top to bottom.

As for scoring, Corey's Cobra obviously won the Horsepower segment, so it scored an 11 in that category. With a 10.91/141-mph pass, the car scored a 9 in that category. Tech Editor KJ Jones really knows his stuff, and accordingly scored the Cobra with a 10 in the Engineering category. Editor Turner was also down with the subtle sledgehammer, giving the car an 8 in Fit and Finish.

For the Ride and Drive, the car earned an 8, but the Cobra's sleeper image fell upon deaf ears at the event, finishing dead last in the Popular Vote category. Obviously, the Mustang people are fooled by the car as well.

A few more votes and MPH could've had yet another KOTS win. However, a runner-up spot is not too bad, and someone else needs to win these things every once in a while, too. Corey's Cobra finished with a final score of 80.5.

5.0 Tech Specs
ENGINE AND DRIVETRAIN255-lph fuel pumps, Aeromotive
Blockregulator, -10 feed, -8 return fuel
'03 Cobra Ironlines, Siemens-Deka 75 lb/hr
Displacementinjectors, Fore Precision fuel rails
281 ciExhaust
Rotating AssemblyStock manifolds, Hellion Power
Cobra crankshaft, Oliver billetSystems X-style crossover pipe,
rods, Manley pistonsSLP after-cat
{{{Ford GT}}}Stock T56, 26-spline input shaft,
Cylinder HeadsSPEC Stage 5, MGW shifter,
'03 Cobra, MPH-portedcustom driveshaft
Intake ManifoldRearend
Stock '03 CobraStock IRS, 3.55 gear, stock axles
Throttle Body 
Accufab single bladeELECTRONICS
Mass AirEngine Management
03 Cobra 90mm, DiabloSportStock computer, SCT-tuned
Power AdderStock, Kenne-Bell Boost-a-Spark
Ported Stock Eaton, HellionGauges
Power Systems twin 61mm turboStock, Auto Meter {{{Phantom}}}
kit, Nitrous {{{Express}}} 50, and sprayseries, Innovative Wideband
Fuel System 
Fore Precision fuel hat, three