Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2009
Photos By: The 5.0&SF Staff, Dan Schoneck, Alan Hurley, Scott Spandet, Matt Simonds, Jerome Shumate, Matt Knab, John King, Cory Harris, Andy Barth, Chuck Hamstra

Andy Barth
We can always count on Modular Powerhouse for a couple of Nitto Tire KOTS entrants, and this year was no different. The second MPH car was that of Andy Barth, brother of owner Tim Barth. If memory serves-and in many cases it doesn't-Andy's GT was supposed to be in last year's competition, but terminal mechanical damage ended that campaign. This year Andy's car was ready to go.

Typically automatic cars do pretty well in the Nitto Tire KOTS because they're usually easy to drive. However, one thing we've noticed is that a lot of guys want a C4 transmission for the dragstrip and an overdrive for the street. Everyone wants the best of both worlds. Therefore, many of these high-horsepower cars have switches for the overdrive and the lock-up torque converter, negatively impacting the Ride and Drive scores in this competition. For the owners, hitting a switch is no big deal, but for the Nitto Tire KOTS, having to make sure to hit the correct switch has a negative impact on the Ride and Drive score. The switches mean there's a learning curve to driving such a car, and the judging of the Ride and Drive is based on the ability of anyone to hop in and go down the road. Yeah, we know, the owners of these cars don't want just anyone jumping behind the wheel, but being easy to drive pays huge dividends in the KOTS.

Andy's GT is one of those cars featuring switches, and its setup is similar to that of Jerome Shumate's coupe. Andy's car features a manual valvebody, meaning the car has to be manually shifted. These two features are nothing new to us at this point, but they detract from the overall driveability of the car. This is King of the Street after all.

When we drove Andy's GT, we did the switch dance; once the car's in overdrive, it cruises really nice. We could see driving Andy's car every day, but we would have enjoyed our ride in the car more if we'd been able to simply drop the B&M shifter into Drive and take off.

All the accessories in Andy's GT work well, including the ice-cold A/C. The cage features swing-out door bars, which we love. The skinnies up front aren't the best for daily-driver duty, but they don't hurt overall driveability. The brakes on Andy's GT worked great, and we enjoyed the car's gauge layout and the stereo, as well. Andy's GT boasts dumps in front of the rear axle, which were pretty loud on acceleration, but calmed down when in overdrive.

Overall, we enjoyed our time with Andy's GT. He only needed one dyno pull at The Horsepower House, and he stayed pat when it made 755 hp as that number still placed him in the lower half of the competition. He scored a 4 in the Horsepower category.

With an 11.24/130-mph pass, Andy's GT scored an 8 in the Drag Race category. Tech Editor Jones gave Andy's GT an 8 in Engineering, and Editor Turner gave the car a 7 in Fit and Finish. In the Ride and Drive, the car scored an 8, and it tied with Matt Knab's Cobra with a 3 in the Popular Vote. Andy's GT finished with a final score of 61.

5.0 Tech Specs
ENGINE AND DRIVETRAINand regulator, -10 feed, -8 return
Blockfuel lines, CPR fuel rails, Siemens-
Teksid aluminum blockDeka 75 lb/hr injectors
302 ciAmerican Racing Headers long-
Rotating Assemblytube headers and X-style
Cobra crankshaft, Oliver billetcrossover pipe, Flowmaster
rods, Manley pistonsmufflers with dumps
Modular Powerhouse Kenne-BellLentech 4R70W with lock-up and
camsoverdrive, Performance
Cylinder HeadsAutomatic 3,{{{200}}}-rpm stall
Stock PI heads, Modularconverter, B&M shifter, custom
Powerhouse-portedchromoly driveshaft
Intake ManifoldRearend
Kenne-Bell8.8, 3.73 gears, moser 31-spline
Throttle Bodyaxles and spool
Accufab single blade 
Cobra 90mm, DiabloSport MAFiaEngine Management
Power AdderStock computer, SCT-tuned
Kenne-Bell 2.8H, '03 Cobra heatIgnition
exchangerStock with Kenne-Bell Boost-a-Spark
Fuel SystemGauges
Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pumpStock, Auto Meter {{{Phantom}}}