Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2009
Photos By: The 5.0&SF Staff, Dan Schoneck, Alan Hurley, Scott Spandet, Matt Simonds, Jerome Shumate, Matt Knab, John King, Cory Harris, Andy Barth, Chuck Hamstra

Jerome Shumate
Jerome Shumate's Fox coupe has been one of those Mustangs enjoying a long shelf life. We featured the car a few years ago, and to find out that it's still turning heads and inspiring Mustang builds is not a surprise. Jerome's wasn't the first Fox Mustang to receive a Four-Valve transplant, but it was one of the nicer, better-done transplants we had seen at that time, and remains so to this day. Jerome has continually refined the car, adding things here and there in the name of more power and driveability.

Gone is the stock Eaton blower and likewise the T56. Now it has a Whipple 3.4 supercharger and a 4R70W. We rode in the car at the '07 NMRA World Finals, but with improved power in 2008, we felt Jerome's car would be perfect for the KOTS. It didn't disappoint.

When we previously rode in the car, Jerome had added the 4R70W. During that ride, we saw all the effort necessary to drive it. When it was our turn, I was reminded of the reverse lock-out, the manual valvebody, and the switches for the Overdrive and torque converter lock-up. These aspects of the car keep you busy, and if you're not familiar with them, you're not going anywhere.

Also, the A/C in Jerome's coupe wasn't fully operational at the KOTS, so that didn't help, either. Having said all that, once the car's in Overdrive, it's a beautiful thing. The exhaust note is angry perfection, and with the Whipple, throttle response is out of this world. We were thankful for those two things because Jerome's coupe doesn't have a radio either. The exhaust note is music to everyone's ears. Jerome's coupe boasts a nice, familiar gauge layout and nice brakes for it being a Fox car.

As for scoring, Jerome's coupe finished second to last with 622 hp to score a 2. However, Jerome's coupe finished first in the Drag Race portion with almost a KOTS record 10.33/129-mph pass. With the transplanted Four-Valve, Tech Editor Jones gave Jerome's coupe a 9, while Editor Turner gave the car a 7 in the Fit and Finish category. In the Ride and Drive, Jerome's coupe took a couple hits thanks to a busy automatic, no A/C, and no stereo, scoring a lackluster 7. However, with a lot of friends, family, and fans at the race, His coupe redeemed itself by finishing first in the Popular Vote category with an 11. Jerome finished with a final score of 68.5.

5.0 Tech Specs
ENGINE AND DRIVETRAINSiemens-Deka 75lb/hr injectors,
BlockAeromotive regulator
'03 CobraExhaust
DisplacementKooks long-tube headers and X-
281 cistyle crossover pipe, Flowmaster
Rotating Assembly3-in after-cat exhaust
Stock '03 CobraTransmission
Camshafts4R70W, manual valvebody,
Stock '03 CobraPrecision Industries 3,500-rpm
Cylinder Headsstall, B&{{{M}}} Pro Ratchet shifter,
Stock '03 Cobra'03 Cobra driveshaft
Intake ManifoldRearend
Stock '03 Cobra8.8, 3.73 gears, {{{Yukon}}} Gear locker
Throttle Bodydifferential, Moser 28-spline axles
Kenne Bell oval 
JLT Performance 110mmEngine Management
Power AdderStock '03 Cobra computer, SCT
Whipple 3.4 supercharger,x-CAL II
Lightning Force PerformanceIgnition
heat exchanger, Nitrous {{{Express}}}Stock '03 Cobra
75 shot of nitrousGauges
Fuel SystemStock '03 Cobra with Auto Meter,
Walbro twin 255-lph fuel pumps,Innovative air/fuel
Earl's fuel lines, CPR fuel rails,