Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

If huge turbos are your thing, Turbonetics [(805) 581-0333;] is singing your tune with the Turbonetics TNX-122, a massive, heavy-duty ceramic-ball-bearing turbo designed to support over 2,500 hp.

Vortech [(805) 247-0226;] is now the only company to offer both centrifugal and screw-type superchargers. At SEMA Vortech showed this display GT 500 Four-Valve arrangement which was little more than a prototype VL Series blower sitting atop the stock manifold. The extremely tricky-to-build blower internals are from Lysholm; first Vortech VL fitments are Chevy trucks and GT500 and GT500KR Shelbys. Vortech is working on 2.3- and 3.3-liter fitments, 20 pounds of boost are definitely possible. Expect water-to-air charge cooling, Diablo Predator tuning and both bolt-on and tuner kits. When they arrive they'll be complete, including a 3-year/36,00 mile limited warranty.

Australian speed outlet Whiteline [00 61 2 4340 2355;] had a full sway bar and chassis brace arrangement-chassis control they call it-for S197 Mustangs in the new products showcases. It works with the Whiteline Rock kit that reorganizes the front roll center with special balljoints and tie rod ends to reduce front body roll.

At Wilwood Engineering [(805) 388-1188;] the news was this 13-inch rear disc brake for S197 Mustangs. Detailed to fit the .8-inch rear axle, the 12.88-inch diameter, .810-inch thick disc and sliding caliper are designed for 17-inch or larger wheels. Options are slots, drilled or both, along with a few color options on the powdercoated calipers. A mechanically-actuated parking brake is included in the approximately $1,000 per axle price.

Piston specialist Wiseco [(440) 951-6600;] says demand for modular engine pistons is high, and they've finally brought five Two-, Three- and Four-Valve pistons to market. These forgings use full skirt coatings and compact 1.0 x 1.2 x 2.8mm ring packages. Most intriguing is this flat top for Two-Valves with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads; it should be a good seller.

All-out racers who can't keep their heads on will be interested in World Products [(631) 981-1918;] new 6-bolt Man-O-War 10-degree small-block heads. Two extra head stud holes per cylinder help withstand blowers and nitrous, while huge 2.250 x 1.625-inch valves and equally voluminous 255cc and 275cc intake ports show this is a pure race piece. Heads are sold bare or complete, including Manley stainless steel valves and ARP hardware. If you need a six-bolt block to go under these heads, World Products has their existing cast iron Man-O-War block to suit, along with a new aluminum version of it. It features the extensive strengthening and oiling improvements associated with these championship blocks, along with optional main bearing sizes, 8.2 or 9.5-inch deck heights, etc. Going the other direction, World also announced a new 18-degree small-block head-with four-bolt retention. Runner volume is 200 or 235cc, with 2.055 x 1.600-inch or 2.100 x 1.625-inch valves. Chambers are all 64cc; valve lifts to .700-inch are accommodated.

Black is the new purple over at Zex [(888) 817-1008;] thanks to its sleek new Blackout Nitrous Systems for carbureted and EFI vehicles. The nitrous tech is the same effective, easy-to-install setup as before, with the black-goes-with everything aesthetic, including some sweet, carbon-fiber-look hoses.