Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

If you are looking for an OEM-style way to add GPS and Bluetooth speakerphone capability to your ride, Azentek's [(810) 694-4500;] sleek SmartMirror setup offer both products in a replacement rearview mirror assembly.

If you want to get better mileage, Snow Performance's [866-365-2762;] new Boost Cooler MPG-MAX is said to offer up to a 9-percent improvement in fuel economy. Snow also showed off a pair of new methanol injection controllers, including one that reads of the vehicle's mass air meter.

If you want to secure the boost fittings in your big-boost race car, Synapse Engineering [(858) 457-1700;] offered up Synapse Boost Connect fittings and hoses designed to stay leak-free in boosted environments.

Crafty as ever, Tein [(562) 861-9161;]--that's TEchnically Innovation-displayed this fine-looking GT with a host of Tein gear, plus a ProCharger blower. The $200 gas lift struts for the hood caught our eye; recent experience with hood struts has us spoiled for them. A little deeper was Tein's new cockpit adjustable coil-over suspension. Stepper motors atop the shocks allow in-flight shock adjustments.

Our friends over at TMI/Classic Interiors [(800) 624-7960;] are working hard to expand their line of Fox Mustang restoration gear. The latest additions are a full complement of replacement headliners, plus exact-reproduction door panels for '87-'93 Foxes. They also have added vintage Pony-style upholstery for Fox seats.

If you want to hide your license plate number from potential thieves at the car show or cruise night, check out Switchable License Plate Film, which you can engage with the push of a remote button, from Tric Plate [(954) 328-9507;].

The most interesting part in the whole show was the new Twisted Wedge [(330) 630-1555;] street/strip head for 4.6/5.4 Two-Valves. The alloy head boasts re-canted valves for vastly improved breathing and a much thicker deck. We'll be testing this head for sure, but the preliminary evidence is definitely reassuring. Core specs are a 38cc or 44cc chamber, 185cc intake port, and 1.840x1.450-inch valve package, and it accepts all stock hardware and manifolding. Trick Flow already makes so many Ford heads-they have 14 small-block heads already-that they're ready to fill in the gaps. Hence this Cleveland street/strip piece. Good for making Clevors (check out the new Edelbrock intake manifolds) as well as hot 351 Clevelands, 351M and 400Ms, the new aluminum heads feature 190 cc intake ports, 62cc chambers and 2.080x1.600-inch valves. No price was given. Saying they can nearly match CNC-ported head numbers with careful standard production practices, Trick Flow released its Fast As Cast small-block Ford head. A street strip piece with 190ccx60cc ports and 2.020x1.600-inch valves, it sports CNC-ported 64cc chambers but as-cast ports. Retail is $1,450 for the pair, assembled.

The Ford 5.0 Mustang Platinum Series Water Pump from Tuff-Stuff Performance [(216) 961-1800;] is available in chrome, polished, or powercoated form. Not only does it look good, but it is said to provide 30-percent more flow.