Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

There was not a Ford version of Moroso's new Dura Billet multi-phase distributor for small-blocks on hand, but they listed it in the new products section. It's a premier-level, pure-race piece listing for $1,250. Moroso [(203) 453-6571;] also shows a new axle-back muffler kit for '05-'08 Mustangs in their catalog. It's a Spiral-Flow design; Moroso says it flows 18 percent more air than stock and doesn't boom. The company probably had more new part numbers for Mustangs than anyone. There was a new line of black-coated, front-sump, street- and road-race oil pans for small-blocks; new 4.6/5.4 oil pans; a whole series of Mustang-specific coolant, expansion, charge cooler, and power steering tanks in sturdy aluminum; even a small-block valve-cover gasket, a universal towhook, fabricated FE valve covers, and more. The 7-quart modular oil pan shown here is for drag- and roarace applications, with a diamond trap door, baffling, plus a 1/2-inch bung for a supercharger oil-drain back-fitting and another for an oil-temperature sender. It fits Foxes to S197s, uses the stock dipstick (accurately) and pickup tube. The various coolant tanks look great for replacing the plastic, fragile, split-prone '96-'04 Ford stockers, while the small-block valve cover gasket boast a steel insert; perfect for whenever the valve covers come off all the time. Not shown here is Moroso's new 351W drag race oil pan with clearance for four-bolt mains. Definitely a company to check out. Moroso's chassis line is Competition Engineering [(203) 458-0542;], they also showed plenty of new Mustang product. Foremost is a 5-inch diameter driveshaft loop for modern large-diameter aluminum shafts; both street and race rear lower control arms; and, get this, subframe connectors for '05-and-later Mustangs.

There's nothing new in the hardware, but with the proliferation of Ford crate engines, MSD [(915) 57-5200;] has packaged up complete ignition kits, to including a Ready-to-Run distributor, Blaster SS coil, 8.5mm wires, separators and distributor hold-down. The best part is the kits are priced at a savings over the individual prices at $620 per kit. Ask for a Ready-to-Run Ford Crate Ignition Kit. Tuners using aftermarket engine management such as FAST, Big Stuff, and others, typically still need a distributor. To that end, MSD [(915) 57-5200;] now offers the Cam Sync Distributors for all but FE pushrod V-8s (okay, probably no Y-block distributors, either). The distributor incorporates both magnetic and Hall-effect sensors, plus the LED lamp we're looking at here. It lights up when the distributor is turned to the #1 terminal; a help when getting the electronic systems dialed in. Like everyone else in the sparks trade, MSD [(915) 57-5200;] was showing coil-on-plug coils. They say there's no real gain with these on naturally-aspirated mills, but the blower engines definitely perk up with these. Also in the MSD booth was the new 6AL-2 spark box and ignition control. It offers a programmable boost-referenced ignition curve with laptop interface and MSD's Pro-Data software, two rotary dial-controlled rev limiters (one for over-speed, the other for launch limiting), higher energy output and a new cast-aluminum case.

Regular readers know we've had great success with Nitto's [(800) 648-8652;] NT555 and NT01 series tires, and we were excited to examine Nitto's new NT05 summer max performance radial. Designed for ultra dry weather street performance-with some road course utility as well-the NT01 is aimed at hard-charging street and track drivers. We'll test a set on our track car soon; Mustang-friendly fitments in 17-20 inch diameters are expected in the first quarter of 2009.

PRW added small-block Ford rockers to their stainless steel line this year. Performance Racing Warehouse [(714) 792-1000;] lists the rockers at $360 per set; various ratios are available and construction is conventional, with needle bearings. Built from rigid, high-yield-strength steel, these rockers seem good for durability applications, including long-lived street use.

It was just a glance as we were running down the aisles, but noticed Pertronix [(909) 599-5955;] is offering bronze drive gears for racers mixing and matching their iron and steel camshafts and distributors.

To celebrate the release of their P Zero Nero All Season tire, Pirelli asked Chip Foose to do a little something with their tire. He responded with this '09 premium edition V-6 convertible wearing 19x8-inch front and 19x9-inch rear DFS Foose wheels with matching 245/45-19 and 275/40-19 Nero's. Foose decked the otherwise stock cruiser with his Stallion body kit, a custom paint job and positively glowing white interior by Stitchcorp. Then he handed the keys to his wife, keeping the work in the family.

Sorta cute, but $103 is Proform's [(586) 774-2500;] compact adjustable, aluminum AN wrench set. The smaller of the pair handles -3 to -8 fittings; the larger goes -10 to -20. The small size helps in tight spots, of course; the aluminum construction won't deform the fittings (just the wrench).