Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

A quick stock at Hedman Hedders confirmed the legacy header maker was moving into stainless steel header production in 2009. Starting with early Mustangs, but moving to the latest generations as quickly as possible, Hedman will be delivering a new line of stainless units across its model line.

If you just can't get enough billet in your S197 interior, check out Hot Rod Air's [(877) 693-3200;] parts. They are direct replacements for your stock vents and are available in brushed-aluminum or polished finishes.

For a fun bit of overkill, consider Sean Hyland's 1,050hp 5.4 modular stuff into a Cobra kit car. Built around one of Sean Hyland Motorsport's [(519) 421-2291;] own aluminum race blocks, dry-sumped and topped with a Kenne Bell screw blower, this little bit of thrust costs right around $50 large. But it runs on E85 and looks good with the polished KB "Mammoth" up top. Sean was jazzed about picking up Shelby mod shop status, too. He's the only one in Canada so ordained.

Showing off a slick iPhone/iPod Touch OBD-II interface for its new diagnostic was Innovate Motorsports [(949) 5028400;]. Known primarily for its wideband O2 sensors, Innovate keeps expanding its product line. A few other of its new gadgets at SEMA were its closed-loop fuel and ignition controller, the FC-1 Fuel Injection Controller, and its G2 and G3 gauge lines.

Some people must still go for the locomotive wheel look as there were a few show Mustangs so equipped this year. But the fad has definitely peaked, with reduced numbers of such extreme fitmets visible. These are 245/30R-22 Kumhos [(800) 445-8646;] on a Giovanna [(800) 307-8708;] rim.

Melling's oil pump line is extensive to say the least, and now its added a third modular V-8 pump. It's anodized with a cast-iron cover and comes with multiple springs to adjust the oil pressure-handy when adding more lines, fittings, coolers, and other pressure-robbing accessories. These pumps are offered under the Melling Select [(517) 787-8172;] brand.

If you run a tightly strung blower and still want to run an electric water-pump on your mod motor, Meziere [(760) 746-3273;] has the pump for you: the Ford Modular Extreme Duty Electric Water Pump, which features a "robust" idler for high blower-belt tension.

You may know Mid America Motorworks [(217) 540-4200;] for its Corvette or VW parts. Now, under its Performance Choice in-house brand, the company is getting into the Fox restoration business. At SEMA the company had just these prototype floor mats (the licensing hadn't been finalized at show time), but there are more parts coming.