Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

Specializing in high-quality hardcore parts, Crower [(619) 661-6477;] was showing three stages of Billet Cam Core Glory camshafts for 4.6/5.4 Three-Valve modular's. Mild-to-wild off the shelf or custom-ground, all on new steel billets, the Crower cams retain full-base-circle geometry. Crower also lists new steel billet connecting rods for Powerstroke diesels and Econo Billet con rods for 4.6 modulars. An H-beam, the Econo Billet is 4340-steel, rated to 700 hp and just $550 for eight.

Besides showing off a working prototype of the long forthcoming Trinity handheld tuner the tuning devils at DiabloSport pitched a surprise as well. The Trinity boasts the usual tuning and diagnostic functions plus a performance calculator, customizable gauges, and datalogging in a attractive package. Taking that theme to the next level is the new device, which Tuner-in-Chief Mike Wesley says will tune anything short of the space shuttle, is the i-1000 inTune, which will be available by the middle next year. This cell-phone-style unit features a touchscreen interface, the usual tuning and diagnostic features, plus the capability to tune any Ford, Dodge, or GM vehicle.

Classic Mustang fans have been buying Scott Drake [(702) 853-2060;] reproduction parts for years, and now it's Fox Mustang fans turn as these '79-'93 door bezels indicate. Besides their own booth at SEMA, The company was showing with Shelby, with which it partnered under the Shelby Performance Parts banner, and they are offering a host of Shelby gear there, including some new five- and six-speed shifters.

Bearing gifts for both the Terminator and S197 crowds the Driveshaft Shop [(704) 633-2380;] showed off new Pro-Level axles and hubs for the Terminator's IRS, as well as a slick new two-piece driveshaft for the S197 Mustang, which is said to be lighter and smoother than the stocker while still capable of enduring up to 1,000 hp.

Eagle Specialty Product's [(662) 796-7373;] push at SEMA was ESP Armor, a surface-treatment for crankshafts ($175) and connecting rods ($75). Not shot-peening, but a three-stage tumbling treatment that smoothes the casting, ESP Armor is best thought of as a stress-reliever with a secondary benefit of shedding oil faster than an as-cast part. Eagle says treated parts are less prone to surface rusting when left out in the shop and can add 17-20 hp at higher rpm.

Edelbrock's [(310) 781-2222;] new E-Force supercharger for S197s got plenty of interest, and we got the big tour when we ran into old friend Rob Simon, lead engineer on the Edelbrock blower and late of Saleen. A complete bolt-on package at $5,799 retail, the Eaton Gen VI, TVS-sourced, four-lobe rotor pack makes 466 hp and 439 lb-ft with the stock fuel pump. Everything is included, meaning all manifolding, a throttle body, mass air meter, hardware, and more. We'll have a full article on this interesting water-to-air charge-cooled installation shortly, but our first quick look was reassuring, with the expected Edelbrock attention to detail. February 1, 2009, was the expected on-sale date; a CARB E.O. was pending at press time, but it shouldn't be a problem. Besides the blower, Edelbrock put up a whole board of new S197 parts. At top is a Touring Kit with springs, sway bars and rear suspension links; below are short and long 4.6 water pumps; an EFI nitrous kit, ceramic and Ti-Tech coated short-tube headers, and a single-plane Victor Jr. intake with a fuel rail kit and Victor Series throttle body. Yet another Edelbrock [(310) 781-2222;] newbie is the Pro Flow XT intake manifold. Said to have long enough runners to preserve torque, the new casting uses a 90mm throttle body and is designed for a 1,500-6,500-rpm powerband. Obviously it's designed to work with the matching Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT EFI system.

Here's an old friend we ran across in the Falken Tire booth. It's pilot, drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. was on hand as well, but busy as ever. The rad-looking 5.0-liter Four-Valve is listed at 650 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. Falken is making a name in motorsports, from Formula D drifting to Pikes Peak and starting in 2009 in ALMS sports car racing with Black Swan Racing's Ford GT-R entry in the GT2 class. Yes, the car is a racing version of the recently discontinued Ford GT and not an updated GT40.