Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

It's been a journey but Baer Brake Systems [(602) 233-1311;] has finally assembled the engineering and manufacturing resources to deliver the holy grail of aftermarket brakes; the affordable, performance-oriented six-piston caliper. This new six-piston caliper uses six staggered-size pistons in a two-piece, CNC-billet caliper that's smaller, lighter (just 6 pounds) and most importantly, considerably less expensive than previous six-piston designs. For $1,895 a pair the Baer PRO-PLUS system delivers two 6P calipers, Corvette-based pads, and 13-inch two-piece rotors (14-inch rotors available). The existing $2,995 monoblock six-piston caliper remains in the Baer line-up for racers and the ultimate hardcore crowd. Baer's [(602) 233-1311;] rear brake options now include the T4, a cost-conscious yet stiff four-piston caliper. Another two-piece design it uses widely available pads and costs $1,250 per kit (including rotors). Baer Brake also showed a new line of ceramic brake pads aimed at the usual specialty calipers as well as early domestic calipers used on muscle cars. Said to produce a low-visibility brake dust and a good pedal the pads retail for approximately $125.

Get 70 amps from a 7 lb package with Robert Bosch's [(888) 715-3616;] ALRACE2 racing alternator. Not Mustang-specific, but good for all-out racing applications.

Fast and Furious aspersions aside, Boss Noss [(801) 785-3413;] came to the show touting a nitrous technology refinement called a Liquid Nitrous Pressure Regulator, which is said maintain constant bottle pressure and eliminate the need for a bottle heater. The company's carbureted systems also feature a Nitrous Powered Fuel Injector to provide the extra fuel. Both systems can be tuned on the fuel side with the Boss Noss Fuel Controller.

Italian brake giant Brembo [(800) 325-3994;] continues to service the Mustang performance market. At SEMA it released drilled or slotted (but not both) Sport Discs for S197 Mustangs. Pricing is $200 to $220 a pair, except for the approximately $300 GT500 discs.

Righteous cam stutter and more mid- and top-end power-about a 25hp gain-is what you get with Comp's [(901) 795-2400;] new Thumpr bump sticks for Three-Valve Mustangs. The stock valvesprings are retained, but a Cam Phaser Limiter Kit and some computer tuning are required.

Showcasing a pair of ultra-high-performance tires, Continental Tire debuted its Extreme DW and Extreme DWS tires at the show. The former is designed for maximum grip in the dry and wet, and Conti is so confident you'll approve they are offering a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Besides the obvious focus on traction, these tires will actually tell you, with visible D and W letters in the tread, when the tire is still optimized for dry or wet conditions. The DWS offers similar dry and wet benefits, but uses a unique tread compound to add capability in the snow as well. An S in the tread lets you know the DWS is still good in the snow.

Durability is the key feature of Crane Cams [(386) 252-1151;] Ultra Pro hydraulic roller lifters. Their Mikronite 8620-steel body is stronger and more stable for high-rpm small-block applications. The company also has 29 new cams for Two-Valve, Three-Valve, and Four-Valve modulars, plus 429/460 Fords. All the modular grinds are built on steel billets and induction hardened, and the applications run from Mustangs to trucks, near-stock to hardcore. The Two-Valve cams are under the PowerMax label, the Three-Valve are Zcams, the Four-Valves street/strip grinds and the big-block 460 offerings Special Firing Order shafts with cylinders two and eight swapped in the firing order. That helps with fuel distribution with carbureted single-plane intakes.