Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 1, 2009
Contributers: Tom Wilson Photos By: Tom Wilson

Got up to 2,300 hp you need to feed? If so, Aeromotive's [(913) 647-7300;] baffled, in-tank, universal fuel sump may interest you. It needs fabrication into your fuel tank, but comes with either an A 1000 or Eliminator fuel pump and stainless steel screen pre-filter built in. If you need a Fox Mustang tank, Aeromotive has a pre-welded version for bolt-in installation. The company has also revised its fuel pump controller into a more compact, efficient package that allows you to run a huge fuel pump by situationally managing its voltage.

AFR [(661) 257-8124;] showed off this rapid prototype of its new 175cc Outlaw Street head, one of a new series of heads designed to service street/strip engines with great torque and razor-sharp throttle response. On the Brand C side of things, they also had a new composite manifold, and company reps hinted that composite Ford manifolds might be in the offing.

Showing off a new high-quality, OEM-appearing cold-air kit for the Ford Shelby GT500 was Airraid [(800) 498-6951;]. The kit features a one-piece inlet tube, a sealed airbox, and a high-flow air filter. The company also has kits for the S107 GT and V-6, as kits for most '86-'09 Mustangs.

When drag specialist Chris Alston Chassisworks [(916) 388-0288;] discovered customers were putting their 2-inch lowering Mustang drag strut on street cars they realized there was a market for a stock ride height, coil-over strut. Shown at SEMA and to be available by the end of November 2008, the new strut allows ride height adjustments starting at stock ride height instead of mandating a 2-inch lowering. Everything except the required camber plate is included in the $1,188 retail price; Alston uses the excellent Maximum Motorsports camber plate. The shock is double-adjustable, offering sophisticated tuning to drag, street and even road course cars. Chassisworks is also offering a new Fox Mustang 9-inch coil-over kit using a stout, fabricated-steel 9-inch rear axle housing.

The brightest lure in the APR Performance [(909) 594-3796;] booth was the company's wide-bodied project 'Stang, which showcased the company's nine-piece body kit for the S197 Stallion. However, the bait that really lead Editor Turner into to the booth was APR's Carbign Craft ( line of carbon-fiber interior gear, which includes a gauge cluster, dash panels, a center console, a Three-Valve plenum cover, Three-Valve fuel rail covers, and sick mirror housings.

Seemingly always rolling out new products, Auto Meter continued that theme with a flurry of new releases, including its Competition Series gauges with always-on High-Def illumination, an Ecometer gauge to track fuel economy, and Elite series gauges with led lighting and full-face redlight illumination. What really caught our eye were its new, racy CAN-based gauges, which streamline the gauge install for lightweight and efficiency.

Americans pioneered the West, the cup holder, and now apparently, WiFi for the car. This is Autonet's [(800) 891-5101; in-car WiFi router. It works off 3G and 2.5G cell phone connections; $29 monthly gets you 1 GB per month; $59 monthly scores 5 GB of data. There was no word on what the router itself cost.