Keith Keplinger
January 1, 2009

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Rick Bilby still grills up original burgers and homemade root beer at Weber's Root, at the corner of Peoria and 38th, a fixture in downtown Tulsa since 1933.

On July 4, 1891, Oscar Weber and Fanny Mae Bilby held a barbeque. Over 100 locals turned out for the festivities, overwhelming the couple. To stretch their supply of homegrown Angus beef, Oscar (known as Uncle Web) ground the beef, shaping it into patties, Fanny Mae made up a batch of big, buttered yeast buns to sandwich the patties, and a legend was born. Rick Bilby, Oscar's great-grandson, still makes burgers the same way, and on the original cooking grill, at Weber's Root Beer. When in Tulsa, stop by and have a double and a root beer freeze--you won't be disappointed!