Michael Johnson Associate Editor
January 28, 2010

Ryan Hecox's race weekend started out with a bang, but it wouldn't be classified as good. It was more like the clang of lifter parts rolling around in the Rich Groh Racing-built mill. With wife Shannon out chasing parts, Ryan and fellow JPC Racing stablemate Gary Windsor tore into the engine to get it back into racing shape. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you ask, yours truly even got his JLT Performance T-shirt dirty by getting into the mix. All told, Ryan had to add new lifters, a new oil pump, and thoroughly clean the rest of the engine to rid it of lifter parts and pieces. All this happened on Thursday, leading a few passersby to question the sanity of doing so much work that early into the event. Ryan wanted to make sure the engine was good to go that night, and it was. We fired it up around midnight over Steak 'n' Shake burgers and fries. To make the work worth it, Ryan made it all the way to the final against Brandon Alsept, just to redlight. Oh well, at least the car made it that far after I worked on it.

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