KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
November 1, 2008
Photos By: Dale Amy, Paul Rosner, KJ Jones, Courtesy Of Mike Grosso, Outlaw Photo

Steve Matusek and David Schorr made the trip to Milan from Kansas to wage war in a best-of-three match race that was held as a sideshow to Sunday's eliminations. When it was over, Steve's recently rebuilt Shelby 'Stang (the car suffered heavy damage in a top-end accident at WSC1) won the second and third rounds to claim the title.

This is Shawn Johnson's modular-powered Mustang, and yes, Shawn did compete in the Pure Street category at the Aeromotive NMRA Ford Nationals. Shawn's Paxton-blown Real Street engine suffered catastrophic damage just prior to the Milan race, so engine builders John and Michael Tymensky swapped Michael's naturally aspirated bullet between the fenders of Shawn's 'Stang and sent him off to mix it up with the Pure Street crowd-and not miss his home race. Ken Bjonnes spoiled Shawn's debut in the class, the fourth NMRA category in which Shawn has competed.

The airplane in the middle is a Mustang of another sort-a Mustang P-51D of World War II vintage, with AT-6s trailing smoke at each side. Jack Roush, NASCAR Sprint Cup owner and founder of the performance company that bears his name, owns and operates the P model, and saluted race fans to a couple of "fly-by" passes and a wicked barrel roll over the drag strip on Saturday afternoon.

The minute we saw this sinfully original 1984 Mustang GT, we hoped it would be properly recognized by car-show judges. The car is perfect, and stock as a rock. Judges were of the same opinion, and awarded Tom Price with the Roush Best of Show award (not to be confused with the overall Best of Show acknowledgement, which went to Tom Garney's '70 Mach 1) for his absolutely flawless original Fox. The Pony has 20,000 original miles and still rides on the TRX wheels and Michelin metric tires it received when it was made.

Conrad Scarry appears to be unstoppable as the season enters the halfway point. At Milan, Conrad and his Scarry Crew teammates sorted out transmission breakage, boost-controller issues, and tire bugs; then proceeded to bag win number three in Pro Outlaw 10.5 over hometown favorite Dan Millen. "I can't take any credit for this win," says Conrad. "My boys, my crew, three straight wins-it's just good."

"We've been working with a new combination and have been fighting distribution problems with cylinder No. 3 since WSC," says Dan Millen. The problems apparently reached critical levels in qualifying on Saturday, as Dan and his Livernois team were forced to burn the midnight oil Saturday night in order to be ready for race day. "For us to go out and run 6.93 in qualifying, we were happy. To come out the next day with a new and slightly different engine combination and a new clutch setup and run another 6.93 (in the first round), we were ecstatic! To get beat by Conrad again...that didn't make us happy. We didn't have anything for those guys in Florida, and I don't know if I would've beaten Conrad if I hadn't gone red in this race, but I think the track officials should've looked closer at rollout in both lanes once they saw that the red lights were happening so much."