The 5.0&SF Staff
May 1, 2008

With the ease of extracting more power from the Shelby GT 500, the stock T-6060 six-speed transmission will definitely need upgrading. Thankfully, Rockland Standard Gear [(800) 227-1523;] has three new T-6060 offerings to keep the power to the ground. The company has two different ratio offerings for its 850 lb-ft of torque rated transmission, and a 1,000 lb-ft of torque rated transmission for those really pushing the envelope. Rockland Standard Gear blueprints these offerings utilizing 1-2 triple-cone carbon fiber synchros, 3-4 and 5-6 double-cone carbon fiber synchros, a steel 3-4 shift fork and shift interlock, a 9310 30-spline main shaft, and heavy-duty bearings and seals.

A stop at the Sniper [(407) 321-5725;] display garnered us this first look at the company's new Vehicle Interface Module, one of the coolest data-gathering devices we saw at PRI. In the huge world of hand-held flash tuners for OBD-II-equipped Mustangs, this small, inexpensive (less than $200), plug-in module doesn't support tuning in any way. The quality that makes it endearing is its serious diagnostic and dyno functionality for all '96-to-present Fords, which includes the ability to save data on a laptop or cell phone via a simple USB connection.

Although replacement axles (stock, to 31-spline) and C-clip eliminators for '94-'04 'Stangs have been available for a while, using the equipment required removing a 'Stang's factory rear disc brakes and more specifically, losing ABS functionality. Strange Engineering [(847) 663-1701;] has eliminated, so to speak, the need to take off OEM rear disc brake/ABS pieces with this new super-stout C-clip eliminator system for Ford 8.8 rearends.

This is Cortex--a stylish, new flash tuner by Superchips [(407) 585-7000;]. The 50-state-legal programmer features dyno-proven performance calibrations (power modes and shift-point adjustments) for all OBD-II Ford vehicles, as well as data acquisition, vehicle diagnostics, gear and tire calibrations, and a really cool MSDP-link connection that allows the unit to interface with accessories such as remote displays, sensors and gauges.

This slick new Heritage GT S197 twin-turbo setup by Team Performance Products [(888) 990-TEAM;] is a hands-down winner when it comes to clean engineering, as the ultra-sano kit installs without any need for cutting, welding, or modifying a new 'Stang's engine compartment. The system, designed for stock Three-Valve engines, is highlighted by a pair of Garrett 2871R ball-bearing turbos and a high-flow, air-to-air intercooler that together are capable of generating 440 rwhp and 465 lb-ft of torque at 8 psi of boost, using 91-octane pump gas.

CNC-ported Three-Valve cylinder heads stood out during our visit with Brian Tooley of Total Engine Airflow [(330) 634-2155;]. According to Brian, TEA's Stage 1 Three-Valves offer significant airflow gains (over stock) on both sides (287 at 0.600 intake/223 at 0.600 exhaust). When paired with a set of stout camshafts, they will awaken a sleepy S197 with a big increase in power.

When Vortech/Paxton representatives approached us about needing a race car for its PRI booth, Jay Meagher's Vortech S-Trim-powered Fox coupe was the first car that came to mind. This car had been sitting in Jay's garage for more than a year, but he was recently able to get it back in one piece. Frankly, this was the nicest we've seen the car in a couple years. Jay liked the 5.0&SF-sponsored Real Street class so much, he named his new shop Real Street Performance, and no doubt he'll have no problem installing any number of Vortech/Paxton products when the need arises. Along with Jay's coupe, the Vortech/Paxton booth also sported a supercharged personal watercraft. We weren't the only ones wanting a turn at the throttle on that beast.

Here's something for S197 V-6 owners: Wheel to Wheel's [(248) 589-1190;] new supercharger system. This kit bolts directly onto stock '05-'08 V-6 'Stang engines (injectors and flash tuner are included), and can produce an estimated 300 rwhp at 7 psi of boost, in what appears to be a simple package. While the kit was in a show-off state and not quite ready to sell in mass quantities at PRI, we understand it will probably be available by the time you read this.