The 5.0&SF Staff
May 1, 2008

A fixture on the Mustang scene for several years now, Metco Motorsports Solutions [(864) 332-5929;] boasts a new '05-to-current Mustang GT Three-Valve dampener, GT 500 fuel rails, and an upper control arm (third link) bracket for S197 Mustangs. The bracket is said to sturdy the upper control arm, which takes all the abuse in a third-link suspension. The GT500 fuel rails are designed to enable more fuel delivery while not getting in the way of any blower upgrades.

Two new ignition components for '05-to-current Mustangs from MSD [(915) 857-5200;] are its Blaster coils for coil-on-plug applications and its Ford Launch Master, which is a fancy name for its new two-step. The Blaster coils are designed to improve spark energy, direct bolt-in installation, and a patented winding design and materials. The Launch Master is the ultimate automotive toy, next to a line-lock. It allows you to hold a specific rpm until you release the clutch--then it's go time. It connects to the factory coils for an easy installation, while an LED light shows when the launch rev limit is active.

5.0&SF ad rep Glen Castle swears by Motul [(909) 625-1292;] fluids in his sportbikes, so when we saw the company's automotive fluid display at PRI, we took notice. Motul has a variety of engine oils, gear oils, brake fluids, coolant additives, car care items, and brake cleaning products. Motul boasts 100-percent synthetic engine oils and synthetic blends to meet the needs of your performance Mustang.

If there's one product that's hugely popular in the Mustang world, it's radiators. We can never have too many choices when it comes to keeping our Mustangs cool. Northern High Performance [(320) 235-2288;] not only has these new '97-'04 Mustang radiators, but they also have Fox Mustang and pushrod SN-95 offerings. For the Fox Mustangs, Northern also carries electric fan kits.

A familiar face in Pace Setter Performance Products [(602) 266-1964;] had new exhaust components for '05-to-current Mustangs at PRI. Pace Setter showed off its new TFX mufflers, off-road and high-flow H- and X-shape crossovers for short- and long-tube headers, and short- and long-tube header designs for 4.0 V-6 models.

Remote-mount water pumps are gaining popularity among the small-block Ford faithful for race and street applications. However, one of the challenges for those who wish to install a nontraditional (electric and unmounted timing cover) pump has been how to channel water through the timing cover and into AN -12 braided lines to the pump and radiator. Philadelphia Racing Products [(215) 969-3550;] has the answer in its new Remote Water Pump Adapter kits. Each kit includes a pair of AN -12 male block adapters, a backing plate (for early or late-model covers), and stainless-steel hardware for simple installation.

We have a love affair with nitrous, so when we came by the booth of Precision Nitrous Technologies [(215) 949-8786;], we were stopped in our tracks by its new Halo Hex Plate system. This system employs three separate plates to distribute a mixture of nitrous and fuel. In looking at the plates, we got an up-close peek at the passageways for the nitrous and fuel and how each enters the intake. The company has single-, dual-, and triple-stage plate systems available with up to 800 hp on tap. Precision not only markets complete nitrous systems, but the company also offers custom manifold plumbing, flow testing, and calibration on all nitrous systems, as well as available trackside tuning and consulting with guaranteed results.

Professional Products [(323) 779-2020;] brought a high-performance Hurricane to storm-prone Florida. At first glance, this new Hurricane manifold (PN 54039; $295) appears to be just another carbureted intake for small-block Fords. However, a closer inspection finds this piece is ready for EFI, with injector bosses and mounting-bracket holes machined in all the right places, and a deep, open plenum that will allow a 1,200-cfm EFI four-barrel throttle body (PN 69800; $375) to do its thing.