The 5.0&SF Staff
May 1, 2008

Need to cool the intake charge on your blown '05-to-current Mustang or '07-'08 Shelby GT 500? Check out Fluidyne High Performance's [(800) 358-4396;] new low-temperature radiator. Its namesake is just an engineering term for an intercooler, but since it also moves water, Fluidyne engineers call it a low-temperature radiator. The LTR's 1.97-quart coolant capacity is more than double the stock GT 500 unit's capacity. The three-row core design is used to produce a significant decrease in water temperature, bringing with it an increase in power.

We didn't see this chopper listed in the Ford Racing Performance Parts [(800) FORD-SVT;] catalog, but we'll take one just like it with small-block power and a Boss block as its basis. We don't see why anyone would need such an animal, but that makes us want one even more. We definitely wouldn't see ourselves going in the opposite direction on this beast. The real news in the FRPP booth, however, was a wet-sump version of the Ford GT's aluminum 5.4 block.

We have yet to meet a Mustang enthusiast not crazy about aftermarket wheels, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we almost fell over when we saw this Forgeline [(800) 886-0093;] wheel on display. In Forgeline's brochure, it's listed as the ZX3-PC, but the wheel carries ZX3P nomenclature on the Web site. No matter--we want a set exactly like this in an 18x9 front and 18x10 rear. They'd look super sweet on our '94 Cobra. Of course, Forgeline has plenty of wheel designs besides this one, and most of them are available in a variety of color combinations.

This product is geared toward NMRA competitors and other Mustang enthusiasts who store their 'Stangs inside enclosed trailers or in their garages at home. H3R's [(800) 249-4289;] new HalGuard Automatic Fire Suppression System (PN HG4500S/75-pound and HG5500S/85-pound) is a super-sized version of the popular (and effective) portable fire extinguishers we've used in past projects. The system's steel cylinder, which can be mounted on the trailer's ceiling or in a corner of the garage, features a thermally actuated head that triggers a discharge of HalGuard whenever it senses temperature higher than its rating. HalGuard is a clean, nonconducting, residue-free agent, so cleanup is simple if the system is ever called on to save your 'Stang. M5LP-080500-PRI-19

Sometimes information on the cool stuff has to be dragged out of folks manning the booths at PRI, but we get the details nonetheless. We found these shaft-mount, Harland Sharp ( rocker arms at the back of the company's display. The rockers are made specifically for Edelbrock Victor small-block Ford cylinder heads, but can easily be retrofitted to work with Victor Glidden heads (by milling 0.100-inch from their base). The system is completely bolt-on and features offset intake rockers (to accommodate for the offset in the heads), a solid shaft for better stability, and enough clearance to work with gigantic 1.687-diameter valvesprings.

This new Shelby GT 500 Dampener from Innovators West [(785) 825-6166;] is reported to be much lighter than the original found the '07 models. The '08 Shelby GT 500 will have a revised factory dampener, but Innovators West dampener is 12 pounds lighter than the '07 model, and it offers a 10 percent overdrive that could result in as much as 5 more pounds of boost. It's said to have the lightest possible rotating weight while still maintaining proper dampening. Innovators West's Brad Waddle says, "It's super cool." That's all we needed to know.

A longtime import market playa, Injen Technology ( has performance air-intake systems for '05-'06 Mustangs in 4.0 V-6 and GT forms (bottom). Injen calls them its Power-Flow systems, and both feature cast-aluminum intake elbows, new filters, and mass air meter provision.

10.5 Outlaw 'Stangbanger, Dan Millen's Livernois Motorsports [(313) 561-5500;] introduced its new steel valvespring retainer for Three-Valve cylinder heads. The cap is approximately 20 percent lighter and much stronger than OEM pieces. Awesome qualities, combined with a value-minded price ($119.95), make a set of these retainers a definite must when you hop up your S197's heads with killer cams.