The 5.0&SF Staff
May 1, 2008

Horse Sense: One of the booths that had our minds going was that of Whatever you need when it comes to racing, it's on the site--and then some. If you're looking a new race whip, or maybe a wicked street car, it's there. If you already have one, make it that much faster by perusing the classified section for more go-fast goodies. We could spend more time on that site than MySpace. Oh has a MySpace, too. So much for that.

When we're planning our calendars for the upcoming year, there are several events that jump out at us as must-attends. As such, we allot more than one staffer to those events. The NMRA Bradenton opener in early March is usually the first event on our calendars, but its bookend is the Performance Racing Industry show. The PRI show brings our season to a close, but in actuality it starts the next year off with a bang since the products we see at PRI we'll no doubt see at Bradenton and throughout the next year. So check out the new products waiting to find a home bolted to your Mustang.

Abaco's [(877) 883-1717;] super-rad DBX air meter was, without question, the most talked about EFI Mustang ('89-to-present) product introduced at the PRI show. Available in 85mm and 97mm versions, the revolutionary new digital mass air meter holds as many as 10 different injector calibrations that can be changed by turning a small switch or downloading new values from the Abaco Web site. Gone are the days of sending a meter back to the manufacturer for recalibration or making ECU adjustments to compensate for bigger injectors. This thing is hot. Nuclear hot.

We can always count on seeing something new from Aeromotive [(913) 647-7300;] at the PRI show. While this may seem to be any 100-micron prefilter, its anodized red handle makes it much, much more. Basically, turning the handle on this innovative filter (PN 12331 AN -10; $185) (PN 12332 AN -12; $205) operates a chrome-plated, Teflon-sealed ball valve and shuts off fuel flow from the tank, allowing easy removal of pre- and post-filter elements for servicing or replacing fuel pumps without having to drain a 'Stang's fuel tank to get the job done.

We've loved American Racing Equipment ( wheels since birth, and the company's new Torq Thrust Pro spindle-mount wheel promises the love affair will continue. These Torq Thrust Pro skinnies are in a 15x 3 1/2-inch size, and as of now are only available in a spindle-mount application. We can only hope the wheel becomes available in a five-lug application because they would look killer on the street. The wheels are one-piece, forged T6061 alloy and exceed SFI-spec 15.2 guidelines.

If you're looking for performance exhaust components for your '99-to-current Mustang, American Racing Headers [(631) 608-1986;] probably has what you need. At PRI, the company showed off its '07 Shelby GT 500 headers and X-shape crossover in off-road and catalytic forms. The standard header features 1 3/4-inch primaries, but a header design featuring 1 7/8-inch primaries is available as well. The headers are made from stainless steel, boast laser-cut 3/8-inch flanges, and merge-style collectors with scavenger spikes. American Racing Headers has these setups for '99-'04 Cobra and GT models, as well as '05-'08 Mustang GTs.

The gang at BBK [(951) 296-1771;] showed off a host of new 'Stang gear, highlighted by its new 65mm twin-bore throttle body for supercharged 5.4-powered Shelby GT 500s (PN BBK1764; $309.99) and chrome-plated, titanium Three-Valve cam covers for '05-to-present Mustang GTs (PN BBK5050).

Always prepared to make a splash with new products, Bassani Xhaust [(866) 782-3283;] had these adapter plates at PRI. Big deal, you say. Yes, they are. These adapters enable you to convert to round-tube headers for big power gains. They're designed for 351W applications, but will not work with heads featuring raised ports. The adapters feature flat Allen-head bolts, and they don't require a gasket. Just a little silicone around the ports is all that's needed to form a seal. To bolt headers to the adapter plates, Bassani includes individual gaskets for the headers.