Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 5, 2008
Contributers: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones Photos By: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones

Silicone hose kits really dress up an engine compartment, and Samco Sport ( has long offered direct-replacement hose kits for 5.0 and S197 Mustangs with V-8s. At the show, the company offered up a new Blaze series of flame-imprinted silicone hoses that will surely appeal to fans of flamed paint jobs.

Clearly, Shelby was a major force at SEMA '07. Besides the numerous Shelbys on display and aftermarket parts for cars such as the GT 500, Shelby Performance Parts [(702)405-3500;] extended its line of gear with several new parts, including shifters, control arms, Panhard bars, camber adjusters, and more. We were most intrigued by the robust-looking shifter for five- and six-speed-equipped S197s. Also in the SPP catalog are Kenne Bell superchargers, and JBA exhaust systems, as it was announced that these parts are now standard equipment on the 725hp Super Snake package.

We ran across Sly Machines [(866) 512-5819;], a U.S. distributor of ultra-thin, adhesive-backed carbon-fiber sheets. This stuff looks cool and is thin, pliable, and stretchable. Better yet--the guys at Sly said they will soon be making stripe kits for Mustangs. If you love carbon fiber like Editor Turner, you'll love this stuff.

Snow Performance [(866)365-2762;] invited members of the media to an unveiling of the newest addition to its Boost Cooler line of water-methanol-injection systems for 'Stangs and other Fords using power adders. The Stage 3 Gasoline Boost Cooler (PN 20050; $599) is highlighted by an LCD touch screen (for on-the-fly tuning and at-a-glance system monitoring) and a Digital Variable Controller that references fuel-injector duty-cycle (as opposed to mass-air voltage) and boost, to always inject the correct amount of Boost Juice (or 50-50 water/meth mix) for frosty intake-charge temps and detonation-free combustion.

If you pushrod guys have been jealous of the modular guys' access to SPEC's Super Twin clutches, put down the green shades. That's right: SPEC [(800) 828-4379;] now has a Super Twin clutch for Fox and SN-95 V-8 Mustangs. Expect light pedal effort and enough grip to hang on to a King of the Street contender.

Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation [(800) 448-7722;] has joined the rotor-upgrade fray with its new line of Big Bite rotors. Main man Michael Jonas promises durable performance from gear made in North America.

If you have a '99-'04 GT and are feeling left out, Tork Tech [(513) 697-0060;] has developed a new Eaton-based intercooled supercharger system for the 4.6 Two-Valve. Promising 9.5 pounds of boost and another 143 hp out of the box, the Torq Tech system features an separate belt-drive system designed to allow for swapping the crank pulley to increase boost.

Expanding on its affordable intake for the Two-Valve 4.6 was Trick Flow [(330) 630-1555;], which showed off the first production Bullitt-style twin-bore throttle body upper elbow for those that have to more flow. Trick Flow is also rounding out its line of other gear with several fuel-system components, including fuel injectors.

This beast is formally known as Vortech's [(805) 247-0226;] new Maxflow bv57 bypass valve (PN 8D205-008; $436.95). This megaflow valve (1,300 cfm at 10 psi of discharged air) will completely and almost instantly clear an inlet of excess boost pressure when the throttle blade closes, regardless of its mounting position. We dig the gnarly V-band mounting clamp for leak-free sealing. This is one sick bypass that's ready for big boost.

Supplier to Ford, Saleen, Steeda and others, Valeo Sylvania HID headlamps are now available from Xsighting [(888) 632-4545;]. These feature a single HID lamp with a moveable light shield to provide high- and low-beam lighting. They also have a new LED driving light, and a cool 3D-look taillight technology called the TIR Square.