Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 5, 2008
Contributers: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones Photos By: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones

If you've felt limited by the factory audio offerings but were hesitant to add aftermarket gear, Priority Audio [(321) 251-7222;] has a cool solution that plugs right into the factory harness with its Original Entertainment Media ( offferings. Its Fd-3400 DVD multimedia receiver features a touch-screen display and offers an iPod Controller and Bluetooth connectivity; it's also navigation and satellite radio-ready. You might be thinking that plenty of aftermarket head units offer that stuff, and it's true. However, the OEM head units have the the factory connectors on board.

Installing an air-to-air intercooler has long been a dilemma for supercharged Fox LX owners who wish to keep the lower portion of their 'Stang's front fascia intact. Fitting a 'cooler in the area between the bumper cover and radiator isn't the problem, but getting airflow to its core is almost impossible without cutting the cover. ATI ProCharger [(913) 338-2886;] has remedied this problem with its new Twin High-Flow intercooler system (PN 2AIFA1A-004; $1,399). It features two 'cooler cores that fit neatly into the natural pockets that form at the union area of the front fenders and bumper cover, which has long been regarded as a high air pressure area on Fox 'Stangs.

New from Professional Products [(323) 779-2020;] is this 4.6-to-5.4 intake adapter kit. This kit will allow you to install PP's own Two-Valve intake manifold onto '96-to-'04 5.4 Two-Valve engines. PP also promises a new $200 dual 64mm throttle body for the throttle-by-wire Three-Valve 4.6.

If you aren't satisfied with the precision of those hydraulically filled bushings in your S197 Mustang's front control arms, Prothane [(714) 979-4990;] has a new urethane bushing and bracket kit (PN 6-220) for '05-'08 Mustangs and Shelby GT 500s. The company also offers a complete bushing kit for the S197 Mustang (PN 6-2034).

The dudes at Raceskinz [] have got it goin' on when it comes to appearance accessories for Shelby 'Stangs. Their new true carbon-fiber stripe kits and rear-seat delete setup for GTs and GT 500s are definitely "all that" and then some. The rear-seat delete features OEM Shelby hood pins as lockdowns for its lower panel and a provision for a full-size spare in the trunk.

If you're a car-show nut looking for an edge, look into Razorlite ( This stuff is a really cool pliable film that lights up in a variety of colors. You can use it to add highlights, logos, and other illuminated details to an audio system or just about anywhere else. Razorlite uses light-emitting capacitor technology, resulting in a film that's only 11mm thick. It emits a bright light without a lot of current and using colored overlays, you can customize the colors.

Amid the blur of huge rims, clear rims, and tires, tires, tires, we saw these cool retro-style wheels in the Rodtana Designs [(877) 4 RODTANA;] display. Of course it didn't hurt that these hoops on were shown on Mustangs.

Aviation enthusiasts will equate the red and yellow checkerboard emblems on Roush's [(800) 59-ROUSH;] P-51A Mustang with the same colored checkerboard running around ace and Roush buddy Bud Anderson's WWII P-51 cowling. Automotive fans will spot the latest Eaton supercharger underhood, 510 hp and 510 lb-ft ratings, and a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. The P-51A is the highest-powered production Roush Mustang to date, along with the first to offer upgraded internal short-block parts. Roger that!